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This will contain current events I want to comment on also it will contain the big news about myself.

Neurostimulator- health update

I finally had a neurostimulator surgically put into my back to stop the nerve pain down my legs. The pain was so bad I could barely walk anymore. I looked all over for someone to help me. It took the mayo clinic to put it frankly to me about my situation. They told me bluntly that there is no surgical fix to my problems and that I’m looking for something that isn’t going to be found. They said the best advice I could take is search out a pain clinic and see what can be done to manage my pain.

I did just that! MAPS were the place where I’d find my ability to walk again with no more nerve pain shooting down my legs! After trying injections with no long-term success in stopping the nerve pain my last two options were laid out on the table for me. The first choice was a morphine pump, which I was not going to take no matter what. The second choice was a neurostimulator that would surgically put into my back that would trick my brain in receiving tingling sensations before the pain single was sent. I had low hopes.

They set me up for a trial to see if it would be successful. I was set up for a week to see how it would work. It was FABOULOUS! I couldn’t wait to get it permanently put in! After trial was a success we set up the surgery date for it to be put in. It was done in February of this year. Since the implant I can walk now with no nerve pain. I can sit for longer periods of time without having to get up every ten minutes due to pain. I am still limited in many ways but at least the nerve pain is completely gone now.

The implant should last five to six years. A normal implant would last up to ten years, however, I have to have mine on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that takes battery life off of machine and how long it could last for me. I am very pleased with the results of this implant. Technology is amazing and by the grace of God I can walk again! The machine also helped me eliminate many meds I was taking. I went from 12 prescriptions to TWO!!

I would recommend this option to others who have neuropathy, sciatic nerve problems, or any other nerve pain.


It was 1996 when I lost my dad to lung cancer. A few years before he was diagnosed I lost my uncle Johnny to cancer. In 2005 I lost my aunt Eve to ovarian cancer. I have an aunt right now fighting to keep cancer at bay. Have you lost anyone to this awful disease? Do you have someone fighting right now with it? Please help me, and millions of others stand up to cancer and one-day find a cure.

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Thank you!

Me and My Lyrica

I want to discuss lyrica for a bit here. I hope you don’t mind. After all, I do suffer from fibromyalgia and perhaps you do too. I’m sure you all have seen the commercial out for the drug.

I have been taking it for a while now. I must say that it has been a miracle drug for me. Not only has it helped with my fibromyalgia on most days, it has helped me with the nerve pain I have from a tumor I have attached to the sciatic nerve in my back.

There are different sets of dosing recommendations for lyrica depending on what you have been prescribed lyrica for. For fibromyalgia, which is what I was given the lyrica for, I have been put on the dose of 450mg. 450mg is the highest dose recommended for fibromyalgia patients. I tolerate the drug so this dose level works for me. We tried the lesser dose level 300mg, but it was not suiting my needs. The higher dose allows me to function all day on most days.

I do however have a few complaints and concerns about it. The medicine makes me feel a slight high feeling when it first starts to work. I worry about addiction with long-term usage of the pill. I seem to want to snack a lot lately. I’m not sure if that is due to the lyrica or one other pill I take. It makes me want to constantly be moving or doing something too. I have twitches now due to the lyrica. They are a little bothersome but hey I’ll take it compared to how it was before the lyrica. Right now that seems to be the only qualms I have with the medication. I’ll keep you posted if things change in the future.

I’m done for the night. Reading a book right now and I want to go do that and relax before I head to bed. Have a good one.

Until next time….



The Shock Doctrine

The shock doctrine- a short film everyone should see!

Shock Doctrine On Countdown With Naomi Klein

Drunk Driver Plows Home of Family Friend and Kills Her

My aunt calls me last night to inform me of an accident that had happened Thursday evening. A close family friend was on her couch resting when a drunk driver plowed into her home killing her instantly. Her name was Lucy Taylor.


She was a really good woman. She ran a local diner there in my hometown and fed people who couldn’t afford to eat. I’ve known her since I was a little girl. It was Lucy who got me my first job at 16. We cleaned hotels together and even though the job sucked she made it fun. Lucy and Gary were good friends of my dads too. They played cards together from time to time. I am so sorry for Gary and his family. I wish there was something I could do for them.

I am ashamed I knew the guy who killed her. Yep he was a guy I went to school with. His name was Mike Baker.


He wasn’t anything special. He started doing drugs and drinking in our high school days and it continued onto adulthood as his criminal record shows. This morning I read the paper online and have course it said he plead innocent. He gave some bullshit story about his truck being stuck that he couldn’t stop it. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! He hit her house going 60 mph, drunk and high on drugs. What a low life scumbag to try to put blame on the vehicle. Heaven forbid anyone take responsibility for things they’ve done. He was driving an SUV, Ford Explorer to be exact. He didn’t even have a DL because they took it from him for driving drunk in previous situations.

I want to know how anyone can defend an asshole like this? How can anyone make up excuses for his actions and behavior? I don’t feel sorry for his ass one bit. I am furious that he will only get a maximum of 8 years in prison. Yeah, 8 YEARS! In 8 years he’ll have a chance to start over, or repeat what he’s done, yet Gary and his family will forever have a void of loss with Lucy being gone until the day they die. How the hell is that fucking fair?

A big part of me wishes I were back home today so that I could hug Gary and his family and try to give them some sort of comfort even though I know there is none to give. Who the hell would have thought that a drunk would plow through your home? Home is supposed to be a safe haven…I am very down about this. I don’t even feel like taking a shower. I am rather disturbed that she is gone and that she went in this way. I just can’t wrap my head around it. WTF

You know he was going so fast that the SUV ended up on the back porch. This ignorant son of a bitch didn’t get hurt either. How can that be I think to myself? You drive 60 mph through an entire house and you don’t get hurt? What a lucky bastard he is. The passenger that was with him, the Cushing kid, as I call him was released. He wasn’t charged with anything. I would like to know why? Why is he not an accessory to the fact? He knew how fucked up they were when they got into the vehicle. He allowed Mike to drive in that condition. I wonder if Cushing will be the next one to kill an innocent person while he drives drunk? Or even better I wonder if Cushing will allow the next “friend” of his drive under the influence to kill the next innocent?

Lucy was going to have a birthday on Christmas Eve. Boy what a shitty holiday season this will be for her husband Gary, the family and the friends. My heart aches for them.

Who would have ever imagined something like this?

My prayers are with Gary and his family. Lucy will be missed a great deal and always remembered.


I hope Mike gets the maximum they can give him.