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Mothers Last Hour



Mothers Last Hour

I’m riddled with pain in my back
The sweat drips between my breasts
They yell, “Push, you can do this!”
I’m overcome with fear
Fear like seeing a spider crawl slowly up your arm
How can I do this? How can I protect another life?
I am not even sure what I’m doing with my own.
You will be my first child.
Dozing off in between each contraction in bed,
Family and friends siphoning the energy from me,
It is all out of love and concern for us both.

My modesty stripped a little bit more,
with nurses and doctors, they come and go,
So many white jackets and blue nurse uniforms come and go, strangers.
Visiting my vagina exposed to the world inside this pale room in this white bed
With splashes of red hues and pink

Beeping and buzzing from room instruments.
The room is fading to black
The noises are muffled but I hear what the doctor says,
“Hold on, almost there, things are going to be fine.”
The wind whistles in my ears and a cool wind strokes my face.
Your dad is full of panic as I am rolled to another room.
The bright lights are blinding.
My legs tremble and my heart races.
Can I finish this? Can we both make it through?

A shrieking cry echoes the room of lights. I’m exhausted yet excited.
Tears of joy stream down from my eyes as I lay on the bed
Tears drip into my ears as the room turns black one last time.
I hope you know that I loved you from conception.

Tumbling, Tumbling

This is my second of five poems for my creative writing class assignment. I used the photograph below to inspire myself from the webpage she instructed us to use. I was not allowed to write haiku’s, or use rhyme, it had to be contemporary, the poems also have to have concrete nouns matching lines in poem. I hope you enjoy it. Now onto my third poem for the set needed.

Tumbling, Tumbling

Tumbling, Tumbling

Leave your trash there on the sidewalk.
Burn enough petroleum so the air turns black.
You’ll never look back.
Make your money stealing resources from the world.
Fresh water, phosphorus, scandium and terbium you hide.

Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.

Toxic waste decorates our yard.
Smog fills our lungs.
You should be so proud of yourself.
The damage you’ve done.
Dying slowly, like a frog in boiling water.

Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.

The sun is baking us.
Butylated hydroxyanisole, aspartame, maybe some sodium benzoate on the side.
Human buffet just for you!
Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.

Nature Notices

I have to work on an assignment for my creative writing class right now, poetry! I have to write five poems with a minimum of 800 words for the total packet of five poems, the poetry has to be contemporary, I am not allowed to rhyme. The first poem that came out of me is called Nature Notices. One option for the assignment is that we can look at a selection of pictures from a webpage she gave us from here and choose one to write a poem about, so I chose the picture of a woman sitting on a log. Feel free to leave me feedback. Now I must write four more poems before tomorrow! Hope you enjoy the first.


Nature Notices

The morning fog hovers just above the sea.
It waits for someone to notice.
Notice it dancing above the surface.
Notice the wispy movement.
I notice!
Alone, on a log that keeps me company
I wait. I wait for someone to notice.
Notice the absence of my shoes.
Notice the absence of my coat.
The wind notices me.
It greets me, mist gently kissing my cheeks.
The sea notices me on this log.
It greets me, whooshing over the log tapping my leg.
Nature notices!

You walk by me daily hustling through your life.
I could be on that bench beneath the tree.
I could be in that elevator escalating three floors.
Am I invisible because you do not know my name?
Am I invisible because you believe I am a stranger?
I notice your shoes, they match your shirt.
I notice your hair, wrapped up in that golden hair clip.
I notice you. Do you notice me?
I’m going back to nature where I am noticed.


It was 1996 when I lost my dad to lung cancer. A few years before he was diagnosed I lost my uncle Johnny to cancer. In 2005 I lost my aunt Eve to ovarian cancer. I have an aunt right now fighting to keep cancer at bay. Have you lost anyone to this awful disease? Do you have someone fighting right now with it? Please help me, and millions of others stand up to cancer and one-day find a cure.

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Thank you!

Why do you have to be an A-HOLE! **EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! WARNING!!!**



Sometimes I get so fucking angry I want to put my hand through a pane of glass. It boils up inside of me like a volcano waiting to go off. I’ll sit and try to patiently wait it out but the more I stew over what pissed me off originally the WORSE it gets. The part that gets to me the most is HOW CLUELESS some fucking people can be.

Are you really that fucking stupid to NOT hear how you are speaking to someone? You can’t tell you are talking in the voice of a total asshole? You don’t notice the disgust look on your face as you look at them? You don’t notice the shoving motion you tend to have when you hand them something? Are you REALLY THAT FUCKING STUPID?

You must know that you’re as asshole. Perhaps not full time, but in that moment you have to know this. Why does it always take ME to point that shit out? Why do I have to leave my comfort zone of PEACE to let you know how big of an ass-turd you’re being?

I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about right? Whether it is in your own home, your local Wal-Mart, a gas station, or the fast food you pick up for dinner.

God people need to learn a few things. First they need to learn how to be happy even when shit is very bad. It is NOT THE WORLDS fault shit might be falling apart around you seriously. Second, you are not the only one who is having some rough times, stop being so damn self centered. Last but not least you need to learn how to communicate. If the problem is with your husband, wife, kids, family, boss, or whoever just confront the situation and get it out in the open instead of carrying it around for the world to see that YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!

Yeah, this isn’t your usual let’s be friends post. This isn’t you’re usual hey life isn’t that bad post. I’m pissed off. I’m real pissed off and I wanted to get it out because I REFUSE to walk around like an asshole. Life is too short for that shit. Now I’ll quit being an asshole until I run across another one like the one I just wrote about. Let’s hope that isn’t anytime soon!