Nasal sores? Some reasons they could be occurring

Since I’ve been having some difficulties getting a diagnosis for my own nose problems along with the hair loss I am experiencing, I figured the research I have done would be best shared with the cyber community. Maybe you have some of the same problems and this information will help you out.

Nasal impetigo- most cases of impetigo are caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Often people harbor the Staphylococcus bacteria inside their nose and don’t even know it because it does not cause an infection inside the nose. (Ecthyma is an ulcerative form of impetigo.) In some cases it can bring infection in the nasal passages.

Pemphigus foliaceus- an autoimmune skin disorder characterized by blistering of the skin and mucous membranes.

Lupus- SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) is an autoimmune disease that can affect virtually any system in the body. There are many types of lupus and they are discoid lupus, systemic lupus, drug induced lupus, subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, and neonatal lupus. As many as 30% of patients present with some dermatological symptoms (and 65% suffer such symptoms at some point), with 30% to 50% suffering from the classic malar rash (or butterfly rash) associated with the disease. Patients may present with discoid lupus (thick, red scaly patches on the skin). Alopecia (Hair loss), mouth, nasal, and vaginal ulcers, and lesions on the skin are also possible manifestations.

Churg-Strauss Syndrome- churg-strauss syndrome is a disorder that causes inflammation in blood vessels (vasculitis), which restricts blood flow to various organs. Sinus pain and inflammation (sinusitis) is a symptom. You may experience facial pain and develop nasal polyps, which are soft, benign growths that develop as a result of chronic inflammation.

Nasal polyps or Nasal polyposis – it’s hard to breathe, your nose drips constantly, and your sense of smell just isn’t what it used to be. If this sounds like you, you probably blame allergies or a chronic sinus infection. But in some cases, your signs and symptoms may be due to nasal polyps — soft, (benign) growths that develop on the lining of your nose or sinuses.

Cold sores, which are small and somewhat painful blisters that usually show up on or around a person’s lips, are caused by the herpes simplex virus-1 (or HSV-1). But they don’t just show up on the lips. They can sometimes be inside the mouth, on the face, or even inside or on the nose.

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  1. Wow…I was doing a search on why the inside of my nose hurts so bad and I stumble upon your blog. Thanks for sharing the information you did. Silly me, I should have known this stupid achey thing was a part of my auto-immune disorder. Ughh…does it never end?

    Lots of great information! =)

    • I used to get a nasal sore once in a while and it seemed to go away. This time, it is also in the other side, so I went to the Dr. who did a culture. It came out to be a staph infection with a bacillus of light growth. He put me on a sulfa drug, Bactrim. It is feeling better.

  2. My sister had fibromyalgia for many years. She complained of nose sores – small but painful because of the tenderness of their placement. They were always just inside her nostril near the tip of her nose. She communicated in chat groups with many other fibromyalgia people, many of whom also had nose sores.

  3. where can i find a picture of what one of these nasal sores look like.

  4. I must say, that I can not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which could be very wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template for your blog. Where did you find it?

  5. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  6. Is there any cure for these constant sores?

    • Some of the reasons nasal sores show up can not be cured but only treated but always seem to return in most cases. For instance if you have SLE you can treat the nasal sores and they’ll go away but are likely to return later on due to immune system problems.

      The best advice I can give you is to speak with your own doctor if you experience any type of nasal sores. They can better direct you on how to treat them and inform you whether they are likely to return in your specific case.

      My personaly experience unfortunately has not found any way to get rid of the nasal sores for good. I continue to get them from time to time and continue to treat them with ointment the doctor prescribes to me but they always eventually return in my case.

      I am not a professional, I am not a medical doctor and by no means do I want you to diagnose yourself. You should always seek professional medical help from your doctor before trying any advice given by NON professionals or those who not medical doctors.

  7. can you get nasal sores if you have celiac disease?

    • Darlene,

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit again.

      Celiac Disease is an auto immune disease. It is very likely that you are more prone to these nasal sores with any auto immune disease. My best advice is speak with your personal healthcare provider.


      I am not a professional, I am not a medical doctor and by no means do I want you to diagnose yourself. You should always seek professional medical help from your doctor before trying any advice given by NON professionals or those who not medical doctors.

  8. Is it possible that it could be mineral powder makeup? I just changed types of makeup, and within two weeks developed nasal sores. That is the only thing that I could connect it to. My nose bleeds and I have sores just inside of each nostril, but no real congestion or drainage. However, when I blow my nose, there is blood.

    • Thanks for stopping by Grandma. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to a new makeup. We are capable of developing allergies out of the blue with no known reasons. I would discontinue use of the make up, see if this improves your situation. If it doesn’t I would seek professional medical advice on what your problem might be.

      I am not a professional, I am not a medical doctor and by no means do I want you to diagnose yourself. You should always seek professional medical help from your doctor before trying any advice given by NON professionals or those who not medical doctors.

    • I had been having trouble with nose bleeds, had to go to ER for multiple bleeds in the course of that day and Dr thought it might be from my blood pressure and had been out of my bp meds. Got bp under control and still nosebleeds and bloody snot for two more months and multiple Dr visits and 2 rounds of antibiotics, then culture that showing no infection. Read this post and it dawned on me that this started when I started using Colorstay Aqua mineral foundation. Switched to BareMinerals, no more bleeding for 4 weeks now. So something to that.

      • Update: was referred to a specialist and had a pylogenic granuloma in my nose which he said was blood vessels that grow wrong and bleed easy. He cauterized it in early December and I can now even blow my nose without it bleeding!!

  9. Your blog pulled first on my Google search for these sores I have been dealing with. My brother was recently tested for Chron’s Disease but turned out negative. We are both thinking it may be Celiacs* (spelling). Thank you for your consideration of us here in cyber space.

    • Thanks Shaun for stopping by and I hope my page here led you to some answers and I hope you stop by again in the future.

      I am not a professional, I am not a medical doctor and by no means do I want you to diagnose yourself. You should always seek professional medical help from your doctor before trying any advice given by NON professionals or those who are not medical doctors.

  10. I had been having sore scab like lesions in my nose for over 20 years like a graze that never heals.But iv just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and i am told this is why so hopefully once my diet is sorted this will go.
    My nose always hurst and is crusty like a cold sore inside.

  11. I too suffer from these nasal sores and have for years. However, mine seem to match up with my cycles, e.g., I will get the sores around the time my period starts and around the time I ovulate. I don’t see anyone else mentioning that. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

    • Mine also seem to run concurrent with the times that would have been my cycles (had hysterectomy).

      • I also have that problem, not every month but the sores come around the time that my period is coming. I also seem to get colds or sickness when the cycle comes around too. I wonder if a womans immune system is vulnerable during that time.

  12. I too have had a problem with nasal passage scabbing and itching for many years and have never really got to the bottom of it. I have thought that perhaps it is due to one of the medications I am on and recently I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. It seem get worse when I am hot, but just lately it has seemed to get worse in general and it itches so much that I feel compelled to pick of the scabs and any loose bits of dry skin that add to the irritation. It can look embarrising like I am picking my nose or something. I guess that is what I am doing though. I use nasal sprays and vaseline and sometimes a cold flannel at night, which sometimes help but it doesn’t make it go away. I have quite a few other minor medical problems so I am reluctant to mention one more to the dr. When it has been really bad at times I have picked and picked and made it bleed and it actually gave me a shoulder and arm problem believe it or not. It seems such a small irritation but…….

  13. Thank you for your information about our “noses”. I am a diabetic and take several different meds, but this nose thing just started in the last several weeks. After using saline sprays, vasaline and neosporine, and washing with warm water a couple of times a day, I did get some relief, but nothing long lasting. I became so agitated and couldn’t concentrate. I contacted my doctor and he prescribed Mupirocin 2%. It does help some, but I still need the vasaline. The diagnoses received was that some people that are diabetic get mild cases of impetigo. This is scary!

    • I was shock to see how many of us are dealing with the same blistering nose sore. Have any one of you ever had impetigo. I had when I was a child and caught it from another child while playing together, this is a very transmittable disease, like chickenpox. I was diagnosis with Fibromyalgia with chronic myofascial pain. I thought that the sore were a development of all the medications I am on due to the drying of the membranes.
      But I also discover the condo I rent had serious mold problems did a mold test kit at Lowes Hardware $10.00 and cost $40.00 for lab. I send it out and found there are over 700 different type of mold spores which can easily affect those with autoimmune conditions. It makes me sick I am in chronic pain every single day I just want my life back, to some type of life. I have seem Doctors and have been told its a allergy to maybe a airborneto mold or dust.

  14. Hi everyone,

    I just have to chime in to share my own personal experiences in hopes that it may help someone else. I started getting ulcers on the roof of my mouth about 20 years ago. I noticed that I would get them during times of intense stress, particularly emotional stress. The roof of my mouth would blister and once they broke open my body was overcome with flu like symptoms. Over the years, the better care I took of myself & the better I managed stress in my life, the fewer outbreaks I would have. Just recently my mom passed away and I had an extremely stressful week, as you can imagine, with virtually no sleep and high emotional stress. I was in an arid climate and noticed my nose started to hurt and felt so dry. I tried saline sprays and even put vaseline in my nose. After coming home to the humid midwest I thought my nose would feel better. However, after coming home I felt my immune system crash from fatigue and all the emotional stress of losing my mom and working so hard to make final arrangements in a short time. The mouth ulcers came full force and then my nose broke out with sores inside that just won’t seem to heal. I know that my immune system is compromised when I’m under stress. I use a neti pot, I’m using a saline gel inside my nose, and have even tried Zicam nasal swabs, all of which only provide short term relief. Since this is most likely a viral infection I feel that best thing I can do is exercise extreme self care – more rest, nutritious foods, meditation and restorative yoga poses that support my immune system. One last tidbit, I find taking the supplement Lysine (an amino acid that some people lack) generally helps prevent breakouts. Alas, I haven’t been taking it for weeks and am headed to the store right now!

    Sorry for such a long post – but I hope it’s helpful to someone. Intense short term and chronic long term stress can ravage your immune system. Even if you don’t think something is bothering you, your body will tell you otherwise.


    • Thank you foe sharing your story I totally understand been feeling the same.
      My letter is just above yours. I feel pain I have been meditation with prayer that to helps.

  15. Oh, and, Thank you so much for sharing your research! 🙂

  16. deter0626, that is most definitely the herpes virus. There is oral antivirals that you can take for that if it interferes with your health too much.

    I have type 1 diabetes and used to get herpes on my lips and in my nose all the time. Before I was diagnosed my entire tongue swelled up and I could not eat for a week due to severe pain 😦

    Since I stopped eating processed grains, and most importantly sugar, I have not had a cold sore since – even when I have not slept too well. The usefulness of this has been demonstrated to me as soon as I eat sweets: chocolate, cake, and actually, coffee does it too, I tend to get a cold sore the next day, and if I keep eating junkfood then I get fungal infections on my skin as well.

    Not sure if it is interesting or relevant but I thought I would share anyway 😛

  17. lol.. i figure I can use this name for this post….

    ********* Here ya go went through this for 3 years on and off… cant believe no where on the net anyone gave this simple answer.. Im sure theres LOTS of you out there wondering wtf is going on.

    ok first… VACUMME your home, DUST, and buy a AIR PURIFIER. I bought a True Air unit.. takes just ONE filter that is cleanable no replacement bs.. so this unit is pricey but in the long run it wont be an additional $40 every year for a new filter.. You just vacumme this one.

    Next.. if anyone has painted recently.. this will dry your sinuses.

    Ok… now the drumroll…. ready?? i bet your just thinkin about puttin your finger in your nose I know its fkn annoying…

    ********************************* SECARIS!!!! $3 at drugstore.. thats it folks! back to a normal life.
    Squeeze a dab on a qtip.. swipe your painful area in your nose.. hell do the whole nostril first time.. just a small bead on the qtip. Will immediately feel like its workin. Keep doing it whenever you feel your nostrils get dry again.. but for me.. not even 2 applications in the first day. All the pain gone..


    After 3 days.. say to yourself.. wow that guy is GOD..

    • Sure wish I knew this was sold in Canada…….I am in U.S. and sent hubby to our drugstore to buy and druggist never heard of it……….

      • I suffered for 20 years and finally am cured. It hurt even to touch the outside of my nose because of the sores and soreness & scabs on the inside. Finally …Campho-Phenique plus triple antibiotic ointment totally cured me. Something so simple after trying everything else. Used both inside nose at least twice a day. Within a week I could tell it was healing. First, I cleaned it really good with Q-tip plus soap and water. I still keep the Campho-Phenique handy.

  18. hi, my name is heather smith and i am 19 years old. for the past 6 or 7 months i have developed an uncomfortable and agrivating sore inside the right nostral in my nose. it always hurts and it falls off sometimes but grows back. Please help me.

  19. MSM cures nasal sores. Kills Candida. ASAP. Be careful to start off with a small dose and gradually work up to larger doses otherwise you’ll have a massive Candida die-off and be in bed for days. If you start to feel worse after taking MSM it means you’ve taken too much. The idea is to gradually kill off the Candida. You may also need to go on an anti-Candida diet. It’s tough to change eating habits and you’ll crave sugar for a while but it works.

  20. Most of you are having issues with your tap water.

    Showers moisture, and severe dryness after. Open a bathroom window ALWAYS during a show.. because if that moisture fills your house.. you areonly breathing in temporary moisture.. that leads to extreme dryness an hour later for the entire day.. going through the same thing everyday every shower.

    Also for those who have phantom smoke smell.. Get your car checked for oil leaks.. just a drive with burning oil in your vehicle on a manifold or exhaust.. can stay in your sinuses.

    This happens when you turn on your heater.. you may not notice your smelling it.. but its the cause of the ash tray sinus smell. Some have had this for a week, occasionally and some for years.. Now ask yourself.. how long have you driven the car your currently driving.

    ……… hey.. anything can be the reason for most things in life.

  21. Just started reading on this blog…Wow, I was diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago. I also have nasal sores that are really painful. I also suffer with lesions on my scalp. Was wondering if anyone else has this, and if it could be related to the fibro. Today is a good day in my fibro world and I think I’m going to enjoy the beautiful weather and get out for a while. Hoping you have a blessed day.

  22. Self diagnosis is obviously tricky but at least it’s cheaper than going to doctors, paying “through the nose” and getting different diagnoses that destroy any confidence you tried to have in the doctors. Very painful sore in tip of my nose. I went to the clinic, where the doc diagnosed cold sore/herpes and prescribed Valtrex (in wrong dosage, according to internet info). When that didn’t help, I went to a dermatologist, who declared it was Rosacea without even looking inside my nose. Then, when I insisted that she look at it, she shoved her instrument way up my nose although the owie was in the tip and said she didn’t see anything. She didn’t even need a damn instrument to see it. Then she prescribed almost $300 in meds – 30 days antibiotics and some ointment. I didn’t fill the prescription because I don’t think it’s Rosacea. If I had filled it, I would have almost $800 paid out. I don’t want to pay the money for meds for a condition I don’t think I have. Now I’m faced with deciding whether to see a third doc (ENT) for another opinion. Pretty soon I’ll have $1,000 in my nose – which would have bought that crown on my tooth that I need but haven’t gotten because I’m uninsured and unemployed. Gee, thanks, U.S. Healthcare System.

    • L-lysine is good for cold sores. I have used it lots and it clears such things up in a day or so. Also, am going to try Secaris, as one person on here suggested……..Sounds easy and cheap. $3.00. at drugstore. One dab on q-tip usually works, he or she says. Worth a try, as I have problem right now….

  23. Huh, really appreciate all your comments!! Running out to try “Secaris”….suspect I have Celiac Disease but never connected nose sores with it:) Thanks to all for writing about a not too glamorous subject.

  24. just an opinion: gastric ulcers = sores inside nasal passage. give prilosec a try for four weeks. The Vagus nerve could be the culprit. And it is hard to connect the dots. Even experienced allergists do not think outside the usual antihistimines/nasal sprays, etc. In a hurry, use some Whites A& D for lubrication-just a small amount: keep a diary to see if the stomach is upset and the nasal ulcers are painful. see if the dates are matching.

    • TLC

      Wow, that is interseting as I have also been dealing with sores in my nose. I have gastroparesis and fibromyalgia. Having gastorparesis means my vagus nerve is damaged also I just had a flare-up with GI problems then got a sore.
      Thank you for shaing

  25. Good information-have had this one sore in my nose for I don’t know how long is painful, I am going to go buy sacaris and what is MSM-sounds like that might work also, I would love to have my sore fall off.

  26. I have had an auto immune disease for the past 15 years now. The sinus problem for 5 years, and the sores just inside the right nostril only! for one year. All the meds I take for popular problems, i do not think relate at all . I use mupriocin 2% for any impetigo like lesion that crops up and that seems to help it, but I let it take it’s coarse for weeks before it clears up some, but ALWAYS comes back months later. Now that i have my heat on, it is back, so that tells me something about dryness in the air. this winter i am going to buy an air purifier to see if that helps some. I do see a PC doctor, but I also incorporate with holistic healthy remedies with my doctors approval. This way with his knowledge, I can get permission to mix with my regular meds. It seems to work fine for me. I have always done my own research on any diagnosis a doctor has given me in the past, and find that my doctor was always right but very limited in educating me in the disease itself. I needed to buy a computer and learn how to use it!!!

    • @Rita: My situation seems incredibly similar to yours. I have had Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Disease for quite some time now. When I was diagnosed with Crohns though (5 years ago), I had a painful sore that grew in my nose and it turns out that it’s an ulcer that has burned right from one side to the other. I use mupriocin 2% as well and it helps, but only temporarily. I have a deviated septum that the most well-known doctors are scared to fix because they believe whatever hole is in my nose will continue to grow to my brain if they fix it. I had my tonsils out this year, and they attempted to repair the septum, and that is how they found the ulcer/hole in my nose. It is only in the right side but does get worse every winter. Please feel free to send me an email, because I have never found anyone who has something like what I do, and I would love your insight/advice.

  27. Hello. On occasion I get a white sore inside my nose. It’s always on the left side on the “wall” seperating nostrils. I never get it any where else. I know it’s not a pimple or anything like that cause I have looked. I don’t have any illnesses and such that I have to be on meds for. But I am at my whits end trying to figure out what this is. It hurts like crazy!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me what this might be? T.I.A.

  28. I?m impressed, I need to say. Actually not often do I encounter a blog that?s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you have got hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the problem is one thing that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very completely satisfied that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something relating to this.

  29. I am not sure where you’re getting your information, however great topic. I needs to spend a while finding out much more or working out more. Thanks for magnificent information I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  30. I was having a difficult time with sores on the edge of my nose. I thought they were cold sores, but nothing I did made them go away. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me a sample of something and it went away quickly. Years later they reappeared. I thought I would try my own remedy. Organic apple cider vinegar. It worked like a charm! I just soaked a cotton ball in the ACV and the sores went away within a week. I go to a website that has given me a lot of information about ACV the link is:

  31. I have found something that “heals” my autoimmune nasal ulcer in a day or two……..Prozac. Prozac affects your blood clotting chemistry, not necessarily a good thing……..but whatever it does in that respect, you will find that it breaks the clotting-scabbing-shedding cycle almost overnight. I use just 10mg every other day, a dose that any doctor will tell you is far too low to do anything about your depression or anxiety, which is nonsense, it is plenty for most folks, but it makes less money for the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

    You need to stay on the Prozac long enough to make sure that the ulcer is healed enough to not come back right away…..three to four weeks is probably enough. I can’t stay on Prozac for more than a few weeks, it takes away all of your emotions and for most of us guys, it quickly makes sex impossible, you will gain weight, and you will probably find that it stimulates your gut and colon to greater activity…..but a few weeks is easily long enough to completely heal the ulcer, and it does not come back for a very long time.

    Be sure to apply a thin coat of Polysporin (use a Q-tip) on the ulcer each night. This will help even if you don’t use the Prozac.

    Don’t ask your doctor for Prozac if your are taking a blood thinning medication like Warfarin or related drugs……..Prozac is metabolized in your liver by the same compound that metabolizes the blood thinning medicine…….if you take Prozac, the level of blood thinner in your system will rise to levels higher than normal because your liver is using up processing chemicals on the Prozac, leaving less to process out the blood thinner.

    I hate to recommend any prescription medicines to anyone, they are never the answer or solution to the problems they claim to address, unless it is an antibiotic that may save your life, of course. But if your nasal ulcer is driving you crazy, and you are perhaps concerned that it will become cancerous, I am betting that low-dose Prozac (and maybe any of several other SSRIs of its type) will clear it for you.

    In my case, the effect seems obvious and dramatic, and I am accordingly surprised that pharmaceutical manufacturers have not publicized SSRI’s effect on clotting mechanics and have not petitioned the FDA for approval of their use in cases of chronic mucous membrane lesional disorders or other related maladies. I would bet they know all about the clotting effect, and have probed for chances to have the drug specified for any such indications. I believe that will happen soon…….Prozac has been around for decades now and clearly considered “safe” (yeah, right).

  32. I also get ulcers in my nostrils close to the tip of my nose. I originally thought it was the dry stale air of the hospital I work in. My remedy is polysporin. It works without fail, it is cheap and quick. I recently found out that i have celiac disease and apparently mouth and nose (mucous membrane) ulcers are just another symptom of gluten reaction. As a person with celiac disease who has and continues to deal with the symptoms of gluten exposure, I strongly suggest any one with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and any kind of irritable bowel type symptoms try going COMPLETELY gluten free for a month – it may change your life. I suggest this to the patients coming into my ER department all the time.

  33. I like Micki’s point about the chances to “change your life”. You simply have to be willing to take responsibility to do something logical and scientific. Just because it’s not a doctor telling you what to do, does not mean that you do not have the answer right in front of you.

    Read, learn, make the logical judgment, and make yourself well by giving your body what it needs, avoid the triggers that make it react with illness, and get out of the way. Your body knows what it is doing, it is healing automatically, on all fronts, all the time, and it will complete the job, if you let it finish.

    When you tell your doctor that you think you have cured your problem by treating yourself as a celiac case, he will shrug and say, “Yeah, okay, whatever.” He cannot and will not choose to learn anything from you because you are just the patient, what could you possibly know about anything? And you drive a Ford Taurus, not a Porsche Carrera, so again, what could you possibly know about anything? You know how to be well and to live long and happily, that is what you know. You will out-laugh and outlive your doctors, easily.

  34. thank all of you for your time its 4 sure we all have so much in common, thks

  35. I have had these on and off now as well… after trying nasal moisturizers and saline solutions, I resorted to 1:10 apple cider vinegar:water solution (which I use on my face for cycle related acne & it works wonders! Vinegar is a natural antibacterial, is natural, and cheap! Be sure to dilute with water, though, at least 1:5 (preferably 1:10). A Q-tip dipped will take care of the sore – 1-2x/day and then I would try 1-2x/week when it’s cleared up, to prevent recurrence. Good luck!

  36. I have tried BACTRIN – an antibiotic ointment on a q-tip. My nostril had been swollen and miserable for days – as red as rudolph, terribly painful, and twice the size of my regular nostril. After one day of BACTRIN It is considerably down in swelling and the pain had been relieved. One more day and hopefully I’ll be feeling like I can go out in public without being accused of a rudolph impersonator. I have been under a great deal of stress, so am going to listen to my body and be sure to slow down and refuel. Bactrin can be purchased over the counter, i bought the generic brand for about $6.00 – and have applied it 3 times a day. Be sure to hydrate, keep your hands away from your face and nose…and hopefully the healing will be quick.

  37. Hi i have a nose ulcer that has recently gone right through the septum and I have had it for years – scab – falls off – blood – relief then starts all over again overnight….. went to a ear, nose and throat specialist recently and he prescribed a 3 month treatment plan of bactrin type med – no good, so now he has put in a ‘two side plug’ right through the septem. he said this is the only way to stop it and he has done this to hundreds of patients. it stays in forever …do not know it is there and 10 min in his surgery and no pain … thought i would share this with you all as it is the pits………..

  38. Hi, I to have had ulcer in my nasal since2002 which I became very ill and almost died My R.A.Dr. didn’t expect me to return at the next f/u appt. thats how bad I was. Any way I have been to 2 ENT’s and all they did was give me Bactroban and of course no relief. I was wodering if u could give me the medical name of the proceedure u had r the medical name of the nose plug? Also r u in Fl. I live in Ridge Manor Fl. and was wondering the name of your ENT and your Rheumatologist only want to know so I might could go to them even if it is in Tampa, Gainesville,Orlando and St.Pete. Would be willing to drive to another state near by like Ala. Ga.Etc…

    • hi, i live in Australia and my ENT said he does this septum nasal plug all the time for ulcers. It was a simple procedure in his rooms – with a small dose of spray up my nose to deaden and it did not hurt and took about 5 mins to complete. It has totally stopped the bleeding every morning when i blew my nose and unplugged the scab — all gone and cannot even feel it in my nose. i did at the first but it is now 4 weeks and fantastic. You must be able to find an ENT that does this. Because we have such a wonderful health system here in Austalia – it only cost me about $30. Well worth looking into and he said it is there forever. hope this helps helen. we are moving back to wyoming in a few weeks for a few years but will retire back here because of the health system etc.

  39. I’m a women in my 30’s and I’m suffering from hair loss and nasal sores as well (I also have about 14 cysts on my head). I have been to my dr and two dermatologists and still have no answers. its very frustrating.

  40. Danika, get a full blood work up, CBC, Metabolic panel, ANA, Sed rate, Rh, and urinalysis to check protein levels. The results will help a doc determine if you’re in early stage of an autoimmune disease. Then if you are, don’t panic, and don’t just take any drug offered to you. Do your research and just keep taking good care of your health, keep your immune system as strong as it can be. Some autoimmune conditions take YEARS to diagnose because the symptoms sneak up slowly over a long time.

  41. Danika I am a 32 year old female with same symptoms. My hairless has been going on for over 5 years and most recently nose sores. I’m curious in finding out what ur doc says I’ve lost count

  42. I’ve just recovered from 6 weeks of nasal sores. I ended up with what looked like a sultana in my left nostril and it was painful, nose bleeds etc. I assumed it was a new development in my pemphigus vulgaris. It was but my GP luckily realised it was an infection and treated them with strong antibiotics and an antibacterial ointment. One week later the sores seem to have healed up completely. I was unaware that it was an infection. If anyone experiences something similar, please do get it checked out.

  43. i had nose sores on and off for several years, every time for 2-3 weeks till I recover from the painfull sores. for the first time i managed to make it disappear after 48 hours. try it – buy some VITMAIN D (D3) as oil drops, 400u.
    clean your nose very good wash your hands and put a little drop of VITAMIN D on your finger and massage the sore. I had relief after 1 hour. do it 3 times a day. day after you should already see that the sore is healing
    solved my problem after a long time.
    Good Luck

  44. I have had the same problem for years. Yesterday I ate quite a lot of sugar and carbs, which I had been off for a week or two, and when I woke this morning my nose sores had become twice as bad. This has got me thinking that it is diet related, and/or could be lacking in some vitamins, or even overdosing in some? I have tried Neosporin and other antibiotics over the years, they help somewhat but never completely cure it. Now I will be experimenting with my diet. I have a good diet and eat lots of fresh vegetables (5 a day at least) and fruit, natural yogurt, fish, chicken and red meat, and generally do not eat a lot of processed foods like bread or cereals or sugar. I take multiple vitamins, but maybe don’t need them. Would be interested in any thoughts re diet. I live in Australia so can’t get the medications that a lot of you have mentioned.

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    I have been suffering with nasal sores for about 7 years and its getting worse. As soon as they heal a fresh one starts. I have found that taking antihistermine helps and all the time I am taking it they go away, once I stop they come back. Not sure if its ok to take this long term.

  46. I have had open nasal sores for 4-1/2 yrs. I had an allergic reaction to MRI contrast dye with gadolinium in it. The gadolinium never cleared and 3 yrs later I was able to confirm I had severe gadolinium toxicity from one single injection of this MRI contrast dye. I dont have impaired kidney function…so no explanation why it didn’t clear. Nasal sores commenced within a few weeks following the MRI. never had anything like it…I’ve tried everything to make these nasal sores go away. my face hurts most days. This heavy metal poisoning triggered autoimmune abnormalities I never had before, including ITP or low platelets. fighting this is my worst nightmare.

  47. I have at the moment a sore left nostril with a lesion. This is the second time in the last year. I am an artist and think it might stem from breathing in gesso dust when I sand my canvases. What helps with the healing is jojoba oil which I dab on the lesion with a Q-Tip. The jojoba oil helps with the dryness mostly. Also Neosporin will clear it up in a matter of days.

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  50. I had one for a month. I was getting a really dry nose at night and it was coated with dry boogers in the morning. I kept picking at it. Finally I stopped picking at it, did a coating of peroxide with a cotton swab, kept it most with antibiotic ointment..sold over counter…and it stopped hurting and went away. Also I kept my fingers out of my nose. This should work.

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  54. A further comment on clearing nasal ulcers by modulating the blood clotting mechanism – Vitamin E is a natural and mild blood thinner – I find that it heals my nasal ulcer by applying it with a Q-tip two or three times a day for a couple of weeks. Even more effective is alternating with Polysporin, one day Polysporin, next day vitamin E. Not sure why, but Neosporin is not as effective. Polysporin is where it’s at. Apply a light coat at bedtime as well. Use a gel capsule of 400 IU vitamin E. Puncture the capsule end with a fat needle or a sharp-tined fork. There is enough vitamin E in the capsule for five or six applications – you can keep the punctured capsule on a tissue on the countertop, it won’t “spoil” because vitamin E is also a natural antibiotic.

  55. Off and on for about8 months or so i have been getting painful ulcerative type sores in my nose alternating sides but the one i have now is severe and hurts what do i do

  56. I have had a sore in my left nostril for about five years now. I finally went to an ENT last year who prescribed Mupirocin. This did help at the time but the sore keeps coming back. It forms a hard crusty scab which irritates my nose and makes me sneeze, stuffy, etc. I sleep with a humidifier which seems to help. Sesame oil can also help when applied at night with a qtip. I am worried that having a long term sore will eventually lead to cancer. Has anyone ever heard of that?

  57. I have had recurring nasal sores that have been increasing in frequency. only a couple weeks between occurrences these days. Cow milk products definitely bring them on. Sometimes, if I go over my ever changing ‘limit’ of milk ingestion, I get a thin, clear, acid mucus that post nasal drips and gives me a sore throat. Now I also get these nasal sores. I do admit to picking my nose quite a bit back before the first onset (now I keep my hands out!) They are always in the same place along, right more than left, the septum and inner tip of my nose. My personal sense is that the sores are impetigo (bacterial) that grabs its foot hold once the allergy and increase in histamines and decrease in immune function occur. My plan is to ::sigh:: control my diet and drink alcohol sparingly. My curiosity is why the same place? Is that where the mucus naturally collects and stays moist, hence the breeding bacteria and the sore? There’s plenty of humidity in my home; living in Oregon with two fish tanks in a one bedroom apartment, so external dryness is ruled out. My final thought is that it is some form of exema, because I used to get a sebum related exema on the outer bridge of my nose and check after milk consumption. Argon, temanu, and manuka oils in combination with undistilled witch hazel and a very gentle herbal infused salicylic face wash have cleared that up.

    • I have been using the Thayers brand witch hazel (undistilled) on a q-tip to clean and dry the ulcer. I have found that a couple drops onto the witch hazel q-tip of hydrastis tincture (goldenseal) has accelerated healing. I am also experimenting with a lysine and vitamin ointment as well as the temanu and manuka oils. The drying medications seem to work the best shrinking the ulcer (reinforcing the impetigo theory), but the oils definitely sooth the best.

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  69. It’s usually a bacteria breaking out. What causes it to break out, I don’t know– whether stress, or evnoronment. But mine have been reoccuring over the years, and last time went to see a doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic ointment, which did the trick.

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  71. I have hashimotos for 23 years now and type 2 diabetes and fibromyalgia for 4 years along witj arthrits. For last 4 years i have had a continuoisbproblem witj a sore in my nostril. I have been prescribed kenacomb and bactroban creams but nothing gets rid of it. Does anyone have any suggestions

    • I had a sore that cause frequent bloody noses and after anti biotic ointments and oral antibiotics failed I was referred to an ear nose and throat (ENT) specialist and he cauterized it as it was a vein that grew abnormally outside the surface in my nose. No problem since!!

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