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American Made Dilemma! COME ABOARD AMERICANS!

It has been brought to many people’s attention that toys have been recalled on a massive scale from American stores. Many parents have taken it upon themselves to boycott China in attempts to keep their children safe. BRAVO! Although that is not the only reason people should be boycotting China it is one of the most important ones. China is not the only foreign place that Americans should be boycotting either.

We should not only be worrying about the welfare of our children but the future of our own economy. We need to support the people who provide our fellow Americans jobs. Support America by buying American. The best patriotism is to help our economy stay strong. If we don’t make products and have jobs what future do we have here in our own country for the children we are supposed to protect?

Christmas is coming upon us quickly. Before we know it the stores will be packed full of those bargaining shoppers thinking they are getting the best sales. Are they really getting the best sales though? What price are they really paying if it is indeed made in a foreign country? If you are one of those this is the price you pay…

You are supporting sweatshops that have no safety standards for workers in those foreign countries. They have no pay standards they have to meet. They have no place like OSHA to come in to protect them from hazardous waste. If you buy that item made in these other countries you are supporting the corporation here in the United States that has moved their company over seas to avoid taxes, and to make more profit off of the foreign country getting away with not having safety standards for the workers, or a set wage that is fair for those working in the factories. You are supporting a Corporation keeping a job away from a fellow American. You are putting your children and yourselves safety at stake because safety standards that we may have in our own country do not exist in other countries.

If anyone were at fault for the lead found in our toys it would be our own corporations. The reason I say this is because they know there is no safety standards set in these countries. The corporations put pressure on these countries to produce at the lowest cost in order to get the business. Of course a place like China is going to do what it takes to make the American CEO’s happy. They can’t afford to make them unhappy because they know that the American CEO would just move the business to another country like Indonesia, Taiwan, and Mexico. Those are just a few.

I have created a very short list of some places where you can get American made toys. If you are interested in other products like clothing, appliances, or something else there is a link at the bottom of the list that will have a place for you to go for all that information.

I hope Americans get smart this holiday season and boycott foreign made goods as much as we can! We have to rebuild our country and protect children and ourselves.

Roy Toy
Stack and Stick
Vermont Teddy Bear
Step Two
Camden Rose
Green Toys
Lauri Toys
Play Clay Factory
Zome Tools
Taurus Toy Block-n-Roll System
Dado Cubes
Kazoo Toys

Still Made In America

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