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Just For Loving You

Just for loving you
My heart does time
Forever hemorrhaging for you
As it aches with pain so deep
Your memory I fight to keep
No reasoning with a sick mind
As it chases fake recollections of us
What we could have had
What we could have been
Remaining in lost sin
You’re a drug
I can’t be without
My heart yearns…
Someone to fill the dreams of you
Someone to fill the shoes
Of make believe memories
And terrible lies
I seem to rely on
To keep you alive
In my mind
Why must I stay so kind?
To a son of a bitch like you…
Every nightmare I lived through
As you punished me
For just loving you
All I endured…
Just for loving you…


Occupying my mind daily
What on earth will save me?
The impious part forsakes me
Tedious on the heart
Constrains the soul
Thoughts I can’t control

Cravings overwhelm me
Lingering in lust
Why must it be?
The impious part forsakes me
Trying to lock you far away
Storing you behind lock and key

Trapping my mind
In occupations of you
When can this be done and over?
Can’t keep chasing wild dreams
For pleasure in the best of sins
Even if a new love would begin

It would fade someday…
Just as day turns to night…
You have to go
Behind lock and key
I am where I need to be
Even if my heart will be heavy
And my soul will carry burdens unseen
There can never be you and me

Two Shades of Gray

Sanity far between
Two shades of gray
Around everything I see
I got my eyes wide open
Yet I still can’t be
Satan won’t let me free
I’m sick in my mind
I’m broken in spirit
The mirror tells me lies
I’m not the person staring back
The person behind my eyes
The mirror always telling me lies
Someone set me free
Someone set me free

Storm clouds show the way
Still water no more
So much for me to say
The hand of sorrow
Followed by thunderous rolls
Two shades of gray
Retribution another day
Useless intuition
Guiding me the wrong way

I feel no joy
Only guilt from a past that haunts me
I feel no happiness
Only hurt from scars left behind
I feel no warmth
For my soul is frozen ice
Two shades of gray
As the loneliness compounds
Into a black hole
That sucks life in
Sits somber inside of me
Doesn’t anyone see?
Two shades of gray…
I need someone to set me free

Haunted by memories
I want washed away
Somewhere I need to find my peace
Someday I need to release me
Bound by chains of sorrow
Under lock and key
How will I last another tomorrow?
When gray follows gray…
The devil continues to have his way
Somber inside me a darker day