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Nature Notices

I have to work on an assignment for my creative writing class right now, poetry! I have to write five poems with a minimum of 800 words for the total packet of five poems, the poetry has to be contemporary, I am not allowed to rhyme. The first poem that came out of me is called Nature Notices. One option for the assignment is that we can look at a selection of pictures from a webpage she gave us from here and choose one to write a poem about, so I chose the picture of a woman sitting on a log. Feel free to leave me feedback. Now I must write four more poems before tomorrow! Hope you enjoy the first.


Nature Notices

The morning fog hovers just above the sea.
It waits for someone to notice.
Notice it dancing above the surface.
Notice the wispy movement.
I notice!
Alone, on a log that keeps me company
I wait. I wait for someone to notice.
Notice the absence of my shoes.
Notice the absence of my coat.
The wind notices me.
It greets me, mist gently kissing my cheeks.
The sea notices me on this log.
It greets me, whooshing over the log tapping my leg.
Nature notices!

You walk by me daily hustling through your life.
I could be on that bench beneath the tree.
I could be in that elevator escalating three floors.
Am I invisible because you do not know my name?
Am I invisible because you believe I am a stranger?
I notice your shoes, they match your shirt.
I notice your hair, wrapped up in that golden hair clip.
I notice you. Do you notice me?
I’m going back to nature where I am noticed.

He’s Still Here


I try to taste it

The freedom in your veins

Why can’t that attract me

Instead of never ending state of emptiness

The hallow part of your soul

I need you to feed my need

I try to taste it

I try to take it

Store it in my core

I’m dark like that

Guess the devils child

Has God forsaken me

Shall I never be free

His words are so unclear

I try to read them

Hold them near

But my shadow obstructs the view

He’s still here…

The war inside my head

Leaving toxic waste everywhere

I only sink when I try to fly

My wings are heavy with sin

It will be this way til the end

I feel a hunger

That resembles the abyss

A black hole that will force you in

Can’t fight it, you can’t win

I have tried

Oh how I have cried

Begged for mercy on my knees

Pleaded with tears for my release

He’s still here…

I taste it on my tongue

Bitter juice of loneliness

With no place to run


I was free once

I remember that girl

I felt joy in a time

I was whole, I was fine…

She drowned in pain

Welcomed the rain

Shut out the sun

Chose not to run

She could fly

Wings spread wide

Faith as strong as steel

Life seemed surreal

In joys of laughter

Embraces of love

Writing to change the world

With her happy joy

Til the shadow consumed her

She became its toy

Tied her with chains

Stuck her with thorns

Never ending pains

Broke her faith

With every season

Never understood the reason

Has God forsaken me

Never to be free

He’s still here….

He’s still here…

Do I Cross Your Mind



I want to live
I want to feel
The things that don’t seem real
trapped in my head
visiting old memories
of something I lost along the way
I need to know where you are
Do you think of me
Am I a distant memory

Crisp air fills my lungs
As I wonder along
looking for you through scrap books
Looking for a sign of life inside
trapped in my head
visiting old memories
of something i lost along the way
I need to know where you are
Do I cross your mind..
Am I just a distant memory

Is my mind playing tricks on me
Was it real
Everything we claimed to be
Emotions rising as our hearts rush
I’m wandering inside my head
Searching for recollections of you
I need a sign, some sort of clue
Visiting old memories
of something i lost along the way
I need to know where you are
Was it make believe…
or just made up memories

To Feel…

If I could stay here forever
I would do anything in my power
Never to let this pass
To feel…
The warmth of your soul
The strength of your arms
To feel…
The love I feel emitting
The lust I feel steaming
To feel…
The want between us both
To lie still forever
Just the way we are

I love you so deeply
It scares me, frozen
In thoughts, frozen
In actions, frozen
It fills me with joy
To have you so near
Yet I need you further away
I want to protect my heart
Shield myself from chance of hurt

To feel
You next to me
On top of me
Inside of me
To be this way forever
Just the way we are
Not the way we’ll be

Beyond The Darkness

I’m looking beyond the darkness
What I search for is there

I need to free the rhyme
Haunting my head
Taking me in circles
Leaving me drained inside
Thinking of ways to die
I just need to cry
Release the sorrow I feel
The pain is all too real
Numbs my ability
To love, be fulfilled
I blame you for these deeds
All your selfish greed
The time you stole
The heart you hold
It’s hostage, frozen with fear
That you’ll return to me
And I’ll want you all the same
Because I’m damned
Lord please help me let loose of you
Save me from this hell
I’m scared I’ll want your sin
That comes from the fiend
That possesses your soul