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The Playwright


She stood on stage where she played her part?

A part she never auditioned to play.

She stood on the mark someone else placed.

Putting her center stage.

She felt like running stage left!

Her costume was torn,

Her makeup was tarnished,

Her lines were all wrong.

She wasn’t the playwright of this show?

She was completely out of control!

Thinking Life

I can barely breathe…
When I think of it
One day it will come
One day this shall end
What will be left behind?
This life is strange
With gloom all around
Yet hope is still abound
People still pray
As others go away
Some see color amidst the gray
Hustling day to day
Trying to just find a way
To make a dime
To pay that bill
Hurried to the workplace
Some falling from grace
My reasoning is clouded…
When I think on it
One day it will come
One day this will end
What will I leave behind?
This life is strange
Is there really time to change?