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What does low MCHC mean in my blood test? Here is your answer…

Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)

So you’ve gone to your doctor and had some blood test done. You are looking over the results wondering why the hell you have low MCHC? Here are some reasons why this can occur.

The first reason would be anemia. This is when your body is low on what it needs regarding energy. Usually iron deficiency. Healthy people have an adequate number of correctly sized red blood cells containing enough hemoglobin to carry sufficient oxygen to the body.

The typical level that is considered normal range of MCHC is MCHC: 32 to 36 gm/dL

I hope this answers the question as to what does low MCHC mean for you.

(I am not a medical doctor, always consult your own medical doctor with diagnosis, NEVER diagnose yourself. My information is only to help those who have the question to this particular problem.)