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Why do blood tests always have to be so confusing?

So I’ve been looking over the blood work I had done at the doctors office and again I am totally lost as to what it could mean.

I have normal range of neutrophils.

My lymphocytes are pretty high and I have read quite a few things that tell me that means an infection is being fought somewhere in your body. My question is WHAT INFECTION? I have no fevers. It is weird. It says on the sheet that the normal range of lymphocytes is 0.9-2.9 thou/cu mm. My reading is 3.5 with the marking (H) beside it, which I assume, that stands for high.

The sheet says that Absolute Momocytes should be within this range Low: < 0.9 thou/cc mm, and my reading is 0.5, does this mean I am within range?

It says that Eosinophils normal range should be Low: < 0.5 thou/cc mm. My range is 0.2.

It says that Basophils normal range should be Low: < 0.3 thou/cc mm and mine is reading at 0.1.

My WBC is normal. My only concern is the lymphocytes range I have. I’m not sure how high that is considered in the medical community. I was wondering if having high lymphocytes coincide with having MS?

I was diagnosed with FMS, fibroymalgia, and some symptoms I have started to have within the last few months do not fall under that illness. I’ve done a lot of reading and research and have found out that some of my symptoms could be the early stage of MS. Could this be why my lymphocytes are high?

I go see my new neurologist next week. I’m having her take over my care for the nerve tumor in my back and she thinks we might look into the MS possibility.

I know without doubt I do not have RA, rheumatoid arthritis. I know I don’t have lyme disease. I’ve been checked for SLE, Systemic Lupus and have tested negative for the ANA factor twice.

I guess if I don’t test out positive for MS then I’ll just have to settle for the fibromyalgia diagnosis. It isn’t that I think I don’t have FMS, I certainly do without doubt have that. I just think that there is an underlying illness not yet found in my body causing these few other weird symptoms.

The weird symptoms are leg jerks when I just sit and relax. It happens out of nowhere and when someone is around it is embarrassing to have my leg just jerk for no reason. I have strange muscle spasms in my arms and legs at odd times! I still suffer from more then normal hair loss. I have strange pains in my leg area and rib cage in the back on both sides. Sometimes I get a sharp pain when I take a breath and it hurts like hell. It passes but comes again from time to time.

I just heard an ice storm in on our way! That is just freaking great!

Until next time…

Be safe!


Lupus Diagnosis and the FMS Link

For a while I thought I had SLE (Systemic Lupus) and it scared me, but I was determined to find out for sure. I knew it was hard to diagnose. I knew that some cases took years to determine. I knew it would not be an easy road to travel. I wanted to proceed anyway.

A majority of my symptoms led me to SLE web pages all over the Internet. I was fairly educated about the disease. I have an aunt who has had it for years. I read stories of folks fighting to get the right diagnosis. I read stories of remissions. I read stories of people just like me whom are looking for a diagnosis of some kind. The people looking for a diagnosis overwhelm the Internet, and most of them believe it to be SLE. Many of these people are diagnosed with other things and could be misdiagnosed.

Many people have found the answers they have searched for and finally receive the help they so badly need. They are now medicated and battling SLE in hopes to go into remission. Some of these people however took years to finally get the proper diagnosis and it turned out in fact to be SLE.

I had blood tests done while I was pregnant with my youngest. She is only five months old so it wasn’t that long ago. There was nothing that shown up as SLE in the blood work. I was happy, but worried that I still had SLE because of all the stories I had read over the Internet. After the round of blood tests I was diagnosed with FMS (Fibromyalgia) and I wasn’t very confident in that diagnosis at the time.

As time has passed and the more I learn about FMS I realized that I probably do have a proper diagnosis. This doesn’t take away the worry about SLE however. Many people with SLE are found to have FMS too along with many other ailments and possibly other Auto Immune Diseases. I just take one day at a time and try to read as much as possible on FMS, Lupus and other illnesses in the Auto Immune family. I try to put out resources for others so that I might provide help for them. It is a tough road to travel alone.

The hair loss I suffer from is quite frightening. There is no answer to it. While I was pregnant they found that my Feritin level was desperately low and that was probably causing the hair loss. Since giving birth I have had it checked again and it is fine but my hair is still falling out. This is one symptom I do not have an answer too and I think it is SLE.

The other problems I have that are not associated with FMS are the mouth and nose sores. They come and go all year round. Some people with FMS do have problems with nasal sores I’ve read. This could possibly be an ailment of FMS but I strongly believe it also links to SLE.

I’ve asked my GP to do some further testing for SLE but she is confident she says that I have FMS and not SLE. This is also what a rheumatologist told me. I am worn down in this fight right now so I will just accept FMS diagnosis. I do believe I have FMS but I believe there is a under lying condition that hasn’t been found yet for these other symptoms.

I hope that others get properly diagnosed. I hope that if you’ve read this posting that you utilize the links I provide on the sidebar. Remember that you are not alone.

Tribulation and Blessings

In five days I’ll be 37 weeks. I’ll be considered full term at that time. I am so thankful I’ve made it this far! Having labor come three times since 29 weeks has been pretty worrisome. I was put on bed rest for a while to prevent her from coming sooner. The restrictions have been lifted now because she is in the safe zone to deliver even if she comes before Monday.

It has been a tough time carrying her. I feel lots of pressure and I have a feeling I won’t make it another week. I’m dilated already and her head is in position down there…I’m very excited to meet her soon!

Having fibromyalgia (FMS) and being pregnant has not been fun! At first when I was diagnosed I didn’t believe the diagnosis. I have to say I was in denial. I’ve done lots of reading about the illness over time, and have come to the realization that I have to accept the diagnosis. I do have fibromyalgia. First step is accepting. The second step will be after I have the baby go on medicine to help me cope with it.

For a long time I’ve worried that I have SLE (Lupus). I still worry that is what I do have although they finally found the reason for my hair loss. I still have a few things that have no answer. One being the rash on my face, the way the sun makes me very fatigued and sick when I am in it for an hour or so, and my pre-term labor situation with this baby.

They say negative ANA results so they will not look any further at this time. I wish they would reconsider since I have had pre-term problems. They could check my blood for other factors connected to Lupus just to be safe.

The hair loss was from not having iron storage in my body. I was at 2 and should have been over 40! I have had recurring iron problems since my teenage years. My dermatologist says that would be the next thing for my GP to figure out. Why do I keep ending up anemic? That will be an interesting door to open. Lets hope it isn’t anything seriously wrong with me. I will have to look into what could be causing my body not to store iron properly. A few things I know that could be causing it are not the case with me.

I’ve been having contractions daily for a while now but they never last the full hour. I hope when she decides to finally come, that it is quick. I am so worried about pain level this time. I didn’t have any drugs with my first. People are often shocked when they hear me say that. I have opted for the epidural this time.

This time though things have changed quite a bit! I have the tumor in my back of course and it hurts enough without adding other factors to it, like baby weight! I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia with carrying this baby and that has not been very easy to handle either. She will definitely be worth it once it is all done and over. I just hope and pray she comes as quick as my first came! Most of all I hope she is healthy and has no problems. Cross your fingers for me!

We’re looking at houses right now and while walking through the homes I try to envision what it would be like with two children instead of just one. It is still a little strange for me. My daughter has been our one and only for six years and we truly thought we weren’t going to be able to have another. Let me say this though…

Thinking about faith and God now…

I believe God has always watched out for me. I know that God planned my life in a way that it would all work out the best. He knows I am not as healthy as I was six years ago when I had my daughter. It was right after giving birth to her that my serious problems started affecting my daily life. Perhaps that is why he waited until now to bless me with a second child.

He knew that when he blessed me with my first daughter that she would eventually be one of those in the world that would make a perfect older sister. She is at the age now where she can help with the baby when the baby does come. Let me tell you that my daughter is so great! (I know all parents say that.)

She helps me now even without the baby here. I love her so much and am so proud of her. I am proud of myself too for being a mother that has taught her to be the giving, loving and great girl she is. I pat myself on the back indeed! I want to shout to the heavens about how good of a kid she is! I pray that she remains this way into her teenage years.

I think of my dad everyday. Most days it is easy to think of him while I continue to live on. Being pregnant again though with what would be his 12th grandchild makes it tough to fight the tears when the thought of him crosses my mind. I wish he could have been around to see my two daughters! He has missed the chance to know four of his twelve grandchildren. Or should I say four of his twelve grandchildren have missed a chance to know their grandpa. He really was a great man! I wish you all could have met him too. Well, I guess you have met pieces of him through this journal I’ve kept. I have a lot of my dad in me.

I believe my dad is my guardian angel and I hope that he watches over me as this pregnancy comes to an end. I hope he ensures the safe delivery of my second blessing. May he and God keep me safe during delivery too.

Now I am off. Until next time….

I have survived 29 weeks thus far!

I have been taking things very easy. That is why I have not posted here in a while. Carrying the baby is getting a little harder for me now so I am stationary as much as possible. She is still very active in there. I can’t wait to have her! My husband and daughter are very anxious to have her come too! We are VERY happy and her birth can’t get here soon enough.

I’m 29 weeks now so it won’t be much longer. I am scared about going into labor but I’m sure things will be fine. I worry about the pain level I will have with the tumor in my back. I worry about taking the epidural and if it will prolong the process. I had my first child natural and wanted to go that route this time but have been urged to not try it in my condition.

I’ve read articles about pregnant women having this THICK LUXURIOUS hair and look at my own and pray when I see the dermatologist in April that they’ll have some answers for me about my hair loss…

Like I have stated before I believe it is Lupus.

I’ve been very tired. I take the vitamins but it hasn’t helped the anemia. I just keep telling myself just a few months it will be over with! LOL

Well I’m off to put in a quick easy dinner- everything is easy and quick for me these days or I have nothing to do with it! LOL

Until next time…

What a dreadful time I’ve had lately…


What a dreadful time I’ve been having lately! Blah! I have been so damn tired that I haven’t even felt like being on the computer. My body has been very sore too. FMS, being pregnant and having the tumor in my back just really puts a damper on things. NO MEDS! Tylenol is great and all but it just doesn’t do it for me with my pain levels.

I had my diabetes-screening test that is normally done on pregnant women and it came back elevated. OH GREAT, I thought! Then I had to set up another one that was a three hour-long test. That was NO FUN at all. I had to fast for 12 hours, and the three hours of boredom was absolutely pain staking.

Between the first one coming back elevated and the time I took the second test I completely cut sugar out of my diet. Three days I didn’t take in any sugar except what I couldn’t help. You know sugar from milk, and other things.

So today being the third day without any sugar and the day after the three-hour test I started feeling REALLY ill! I was feeling faint, clammy, and nauseated. I got so bad I called the OB worried that I may have to go to the emergency room. I wondered if I should not eat sugar because it is high or should I eat sugar because it is low. I called and talked to the nurse there and she said the second round of tests (the three hour one) came back normal. Only one of the blood draws shown low sugar but the others was OK so that ruled me out for diabetes. OH I WAS SO HAPPY! She told me that I needed to eat some sugar in order to bring the level back to normal since she thought my sugar had dropped since not having my normal intake for the three days. I did what she said and within 20 minutes or so I felt back to normal. It was rather scary for me though.

I’m happy that I don’t have to give up my sugar. I am happy that I am not diabetic while pregnant most of all. I was so worried what that meant for the baby and delivery. All is well as far as that is concerned now…thank you God!

I am very tired so I’m going to go back and lie down. I will post again when I feel up to it. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time…