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Casting stones

From a glass house you live in

Maybe take a look in the mirror

See what you really fear

Settled in a life you hate

The neighbors you constantly rate

By the house they own, the car they drive

Or the children they raise

You believe that you merit praise

Your life is so mundane with tedious schedules

Day in, day out

It’s jealousy that drives your bigotry

One day you’ll see

When your son or daughter comes home

And they’re just like me

They’ll realize too you’re just a bigot!

Mothers Last Hour



Mothers Last Hour

I’m riddled with pain in my back
The sweat drips between my breasts
They yell, “Push, you can do this!”
I’m overcome with fear
Fear like seeing a spider crawl slowly up your arm
How can I do this? How can I protect another life?
I am not even sure what I’m doing with my own.
You will be my first child.
Dozing off in between each contraction in bed,
Family and friends siphoning the energy from me,
It is all out of love and concern for us both.

My modesty stripped a little bit more,
with nurses and doctors, they come and go,
So many white jackets and blue nurse uniforms come and go, strangers.
Visiting my vagina exposed to the world inside this pale room in this white bed
With splashes of red hues and pink

Beeping and buzzing from room instruments.
The room is fading to black
The noises are muffled but I hear what the doctor says,
“Hold on, almost there, things are going to be fine.”
The wind whistles in my ears and a cool wind strokes my face.
Your dad is full of panic as I am rolled to another room.
The bright lights are blinding.
My legs tremble and my heart races.
Can I finish this? Can we both make it through?

A shrieking cry echoes the room of lights. I’m exhausted yet excited.
Tears of joy stream down from my eyes as I lay on the bed
Tears drip into my ears as the room turns black one last time.
I hope you know that I loved you from conception.

Hate Response

Hate Response

I hate you too.
Everything about me hates everything about you too.
The flip of my middle finger hates you.
The way I type on this keyboard hates you.
The movement of the sheet as I roll over in bed hates you too.
Every breath in and out of my lungs hates you too.

Look out! You can have your cheap golf ball back. I hate you too!

The dingy shoe laces from my shoes that I tie every day on my feet, hates you.
Give my key-chain back, I hate you too.
The release of my favorite chair I sit in to watch football on television hates you.
The trees I mow grass around in the yard hates you.
Not only does my aorta hate you my mitral valve, and my tricuspid valve hates you too.

The garage door I repaired numerous times for you,

needing fixed again,

is an evident sign how much I hate you back.

The beer sweat leaving the faded ring on the table hates you too.
My silence when you invite your friends over for dinner: hates back.
My pleasant “good night”: hates back.
You know how I roll over in bed to avoid you nuzzling under my arm? Hates back.
The callouses on my hands articulate hate back
Layers of hate, a marvelous pizza on football night
I think about all your fake blond hairs so that I can calculate how many times I should multiply my hate.
My heart, beats heavy, hurts with my hate because it would stop beating without the thought of you and the hate.
Fatigued like some old man dying on a set of stairs.
Remember I hate you too.

Bring You Back Home

This is the third poem written for the creative writing assignment. I used the photograph below to inspire the poem in me. I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed writing this poem the most. Now onto work on poem number 4 of five. Please feel free to leave feedback.

Bring You Back Home

Bring You Back Home

Where did you disappear off too?
Is there a way to bring you back home?
I miss the curves from your hips.
I miss the cleavage of your breast.
I feel lost in a forest full of trees.
Hoping you aren’t that far ahead.
I keep walking, crunching the leaves below my feet.
I keep looking.
I keep searching for a sign.
Where did you disappear off too?
Is there something to bring you back home?
I miss your distinct chuckle.
I miss the shade of brown in your eyes.
I feel lost out in a vast sea.
Hoping I see your boat just ahead.
I keep paddling, struggling for breath.
I keep looking.
I keep searching for a sign.
Leading me to where you are.
Is there something I can say?
Is there any way to bring you back home?
I will sleep now, as night blankets the ground.
I will wake in the morning alone in the bed.
Time will continue to pass by as I keep looking.
I will search until I can’t search anymore.
My love will help me find a way.
A way to bring you back home where you belong.

Tumbling, Tumbling

This is my second of five poems for my creative writing class assignment. I used the photograph below to inspire myself from the webpage she instructed us to use. I was not allowed to write haiku’s, or use rhyme, it had to be contemporary, the poems also have to have concrete nouns matching lines in poem. I hope you enjoy it. Now onto my third poem for the set needed.

Tumbling, Tumbling

Tumbling, Tumbling

Leave your trash there on the sidewalk.
Burn enough petroleum so the air turns black.
You’ll never look back.
Make your money stealing resources from the world.
Fresh water, phosphorus, scandium and terbium you hide.

Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.

Toxic waste decorates our yard.
Smog fills our lungs.
You should be so proud of yourself.
The damage you’ve done.
Dying slowly, like a frog in boiling water.

Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.

The sun is baking us.
Butylated hydroxyanisole, aspartame, maybe some sodium benzoate on the side.
Human buffet just for you!
Build your empires killing mankind.
Tumbling, tumbling, collapsing down.
It’s all obscuring mother earth.