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Merry Christmas to you all!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope your day was filled with as much love as mine was. Today was a great day. I felt semi-ok and it was so wonderful seeing my girls open the gifts and play in the living room.
Santa treated me very well this year! I finally got my laptop!! Do you know what that means? That means for me I’ll get to post more often and keep things up to date with finances easily. I absolutely love it. It is missing works program but I’ll install that soon.

My whole family was sick for about a week before Christmas. We had some bad sinus stuff going on. I am just now trying to get over it but I am still pretty stuffed up and get sinus headaches. My daughters ran fevers with it, I didn’t run any fever.

I often worry about the Christmas holiday keeping me down and this year was one of the best Christmas’s I’ve had. Our finances are finally within reach to get under control. I got my girls some few good gifts they enjoyed and will enjoy. I got my laptop finally and that will make my life easier. I loved every single gift I got this year.

We decided to have a pork roast this year instead of another turkey or ham. I am cooking now so I do have to end this post soon. Lets hope my roast turns out real good.

Merry Christmas to you all!

18 days not smoking, cymbalta, and Merry Christmas

I have not broken down on the smoking! That itself is a miracle. It has been 18 days! It hasn’t been too bad. I have had a few bad days of cravings. Today was a bad morning. I felt pretty good this morning so I decided to stay up and do some laundry and bake my rosemary bread for the chicken wild rice soup I am making for dinner and once I started doing the little bit of work I wanted to smoke bad! I was drinking coffee so I stopped drinking it at the time. Coffee seems to make my cravings worse. At any rate, I did not break down and go buy cigarettes! I have survived thus far and I am proud!

I haven’t noticed any significant changes toward the positive with my health however. That takes a little more time to see improvement in any area. My success so far is what I said I was going to do this time around, remember those close to me how they suffered through cancer and died, and to think of my two girls and being around longer for them.

You know I was prescribed Cymbalta for depression and it works great on my mood. I also read that it is suppose to help with pain? What a crock of shit! It hasn’t help one iota where my pain is concerned. I seen the commercial today and had to roll my eyes. It says, “Depression hurts….” Blah Blah Blah. I don’t believe that for one moment that depression brings you physical pain. Some will of course believe it because well they’ve been conditioned to believe it and they want that pill. Sorry, I don’t buy that crap. Now I do believe that pain, especially chronic pain, will cause severe depression if there is no remedy or relief. I’m living proof of that scenario. I guess the makers of that cymbalta want a larger group to hand out to so that they can make loads more money. That is just my take on that subject.

Well, I am waiting for a final box to get to my house. I hope it comes today! It is a gift for my girls. They don’t have much from mom and dad under the tree this year for a few reasons. First reason is I refused to buy foreign made toys and goods, especially from china. The reason for that decision was our economy internally and the safety of the toys. Second reason they don’t have much under the tree is I refused to pay the prices of some of the things out there. Who in the world is going to pay $50.00 for a doll? You might, but I refuse to. The final reason the girls don’t have much under the tree this year is financially we are burdened more and I want them to know what Christmas is REALLY about. I don’t want to think every year it is about the toys and gifts like the television wants to program them to believe.

When I first got with my husband, and we had our oldest girl I wanted to have my own traditions put into his and my family traditions we’d carry on from our folks. It took me until last year to finally come up with one to continue every year. I don’t mean traditions from my family or his I mean MY OWN tradition. I am so happy about it too. Last year my oldest daughter (Who was the only one at the time.) and I got out my craft boxes and created an ornament for her dad. I thought it would be great to continue year after year.

This year we created a trinket box. She painted it and picked out the phrase Dad Your Awesome for me to paint onto it. We had a great time making it and I think my husband will love it just like he loved the ornament last year. Good thing he doesn’t read this BLOG. (LOL)

Today is a good day. My daughter will be home from school soon so I am going to go. I also have to do some preparations for my chicken wild rice soup. Everyone have a very wonderful holiday!

Until next time…
World peace isn’t likely but I will continue to pray for it.


Drunk Driver Plows Home of Family Friend and Kills Her

My aunt calls me last night to inform me of an accident that had happened Thursday evening. A close family friend was on her couch resting when a drunk driver plowed into her home killing her instantly. Her name was Lucy Taylor.


She was a really good woman. She ran a local diner there in my hometown and fed people who couldn’t afford to eat. I’ve known her since I was a little girl. It was Lucy who got me my first job at 16. We cleaned hotels together and even though the job sucked she made it fun. Lucy and Gary were good friends of my dads too. They played cards together from time to time. I am so sorry for Gary and his family. I wish there was something I could do for them.

I am ashamed I knew the guy who killed her. Yep he was a guy I went to school with. His name was Mike Baker.


He wasn’t anything special. He started doing drugs and drinking in our high school days and it continued onto adulthood as his criminal record shows. This morning I read the paper online and have course it said he plead innocent. He gave some bullshit story about his truck being stuck that he couldn’t stop it. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! He hit her house going 60 mph, drunk and high on drugs. What a low life scumbag to try to put blame on the vehicle. Heaven forbid anyone take responsibility for things they’ve done. He was driving an SUV, Ford Explorer to be exact. He didn’t even have a DL because they took it from him for driving drunk in previous situations.

I want to know how anyone can defend an asshole like this? How can anyone make up excuses for his actions and behavior? I don’t feel sorry for his ass one bit. I am furious that he will only get a maximum of 8 years in prison. Yeah, 8 YEARS! In 8 years he’ll have a chance to start over, or repeat what he’s done, yet Gary and his family will forever have a void of loss with Lucy being gone until the day they die. How the hell is that fucking fair?

A big part of me wishes I were back home today so that I could hug Gary and his family and try to give them some sort of comfort even though I know there is none to give. Who the hell would have thought that a drunk would plow through your home? Home is supposed to be a safe haven…I am very down about this. I don’t even feel like taking a shower. I am rather disturbed that she is gone and that she went in this way. I just can’t wrap my head around it. WTF

You know he was going so fast that the SUV ended up on the back porch. This ignorant son of a bitch didn’t get hurt either. How can that be I think to myself? You drive 60 mph through an entire house and you don’t get hurt? What a lucky bastard he is. The passenger that was with him, the Cushing kid, as I call him was released. He wasn’t charged with anything. I would like to know why? Why is he not an accessory to the fact? He knew how fucked up they were when they got into the vehicle. He allowed Mike to drive in that condition. I wonder if Cushing will be the next one to kill an innocent person while he drives drunk? Or even better I wonder if Cushing will allow the next “friend” of his drive under the influence to kill the next innocent?

Lucy was going to have a birthday on Christmas Eve. Boy what a shitty holiday season this will be for her husband Gary, the family and the friends. My heart aches for them.

Who would have ever imagined something like this?

My prayers are with Gary and his family. Lucy will be missed a great deal and always remembered.


I hope Mike gets the maximum they can give him.

American Made Dilemma! COME ABOARD AMERICANS!

It has been brought to many people’s attention that toys have been recalled on a massive scale from American stores. Many parents have taken it upon themselves to boycott China in attempts to keep their children safe. BRAVO! Although that is not the only reason people should be boycotting China it is one of the most important ones. China is not the only foreign place that Americans should be boycotting either.

We should not only be worrying about the welfare of our children but the future of our own economy. We need to support the people who provide our fellow Americans jobs. Support America by buying American. The best patriotism is to help our economy stay strong. If we don’t make products and have jobs what future do we have here in our own country for the children we are supposed to protect?

Christmas is coming upon us quickly. Before we know it the stores will be packed full of those bargaining shoppers thinking they are getting the best sales. Are they really getting the best sales though? What price are they really paying if it is indeed made in a foreign country? If you are one of those this is the price you pay…

You are supporting sweatshops that have no safety standards for workers in those foreign countries. They have no pay standards they have to meet. They have no place like OSHA to come in to protect them from hazardous waste. If you buy that item made in these other countries you are supporting the corporation here in the United States that has moved their company over seas to avoid taxes, and to make more profit off of the foreign country getting away with not having safety standards for the workers, or a set wage that is fair for those working in the factories. You are supporting a Corporation keeping a job away from a fellow American. You are putting your children and yourselves safety at stake because safety standards that we may have in our own country do not exist in other countries.

If anyone were at fault for the lead found in our toys it would be our own corporations. The reason I say this is because they know there is no safety standards set in these countries. The corporations put pressure on these countries to produce at the lowest cost in order to get the business. Of course a place like China is going to do what it takes to make the American CEO’s happy. They can’t afford to make them unhappy because they know that the American CEO would just move the business to another country like Indonesia, Taiwan, and Mexico. Those are just a few.

I have created a very short list of some places where you can get American made toys. If you are interested in other products like clothing, appliances, or something else there is a link at the bottom of the list that will have a place for you to go for all that information.

I hope Americans get smart this holiday season and boycott foreign made goods as much as we can! We have to rebuild our country and protect children and ourselves.

Roy Toy
Stack and Stick
Vermont Teddy Bear
Step Two
Camden Rose
Green Toys
Lauri Toys
Play Clay Factory
Zome Tools
Taurus Toy Block-n-Roll System
Dado Cubes
Kazoo Toys

Still Made In America

Until next time….


A friend commits suicide

joeworthington.jpgHis name was Joe Worthington. I get news from my hometown that he had hung himself. Twenty-eight years old and he had three children. I only knew of the oldest two. The newest was just a baby I guess. It is so terrible for the children to have Christmas tainted in this way for them for the rest of their lives.

We went to school together and were really good friends. I remember when I first met him I thought he was so adorable. His dark wavy hair and his personality were just great. We got along fabulously. We were in some mischief together but that is a normal thing in high school isn’t it?

He had hung himself on Christmas Eve and they found him on Christmas day I heard. When my aunt had told me I was completely shocked. I had not talked with Joey for a couple years but last time I visited home I had seen him. I knew he battled some personal issues but he was still that funny Joey I knew from high school.

His sense of humor was great. What a cracker jack he was. I didn’t get to go to the funeral. If I had been back home I surely would have gone.

A big part of me was so pissed to have heard he had killed himself. What a selfish prick I thought! Then the sadness overwhelmed me. It is so sad that he thought there were no other outs available to him. We were the same age and a part of me could relate so well with him being in that mindset. The mindset where you see things just aren’t good anymore and you are so tired of life in general. Yeah, I’ve been there myself.

Him committing suicide has affected me more than I thought that it would have. Joey will be one person that I’ll miss a great deal. His face will be one that will be absent from that future school reunion that I will attend and he will not be forgotten. What a sad, sad outcome for so many…

In loving memory of you Joey!