Monthly Archives: March 2020

You Should

You tried your best to destroy me
In hopes that you would feel alive
You took everything I offered
Turned truth into lies
I gave, and I gave
Until I had nothing left to give
Your selfish ways condemned me
With your contemptuous acts of love
Wrecking me in ways
I could have never have foresaw
I would have never have believed
Peering through a magic crystal ball
That drugs would once again
Be the only friend
That soothed my aching heart
After every time you spoke to me
To keep from falling apart
I thought you would be different
I thought you would be safe
I learned no one could contend with you
Not a man could take…
I couldn’t survive without you
You made sure I knew my place
The scorn you hide in your soul
It decorates my face
No one knows you like I do
No one can take my place
I made you a better man
While you were my final poison
No one could make me feel as low you
I see it every time you look at my face
You regret the shit you’ve chosen
You should.