Daily Archives: Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mind’s Eye

My mind’s eye envisioned a beauty

A beauty to be reckoned with

My calculations were fuzzy

Scrambled in the depths of my soul

How was I to know?

You were the beauty I imagined

You were the beauty I craved

You were the beauty I needed

To complete a circle that had been broken

By saturated filth and madness

I couldn’t gauge your importance

I couldn’t fathom your existence

In a world that clouded my every judgement

Yet when you appeared I knew

I knew from your magic

That I was to hold you dear

No matter the space between

Because you were my ultimate savior

Sent to heal my wounds

Sent to guide me with persuasion

That magic truly does exist

Underneath the cold shallows

I’m forever grateful that my mind’s eye

Dreamt of you and you appeared into my life.