Daily Archives: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Out There

Shadows haunt me

They’re always there

Strangers in the moonlight


Dusk til dawn

Dancing in my surroundings

Reflecting things I cannot forget

Scars I carry on my soul

Seeking refuge in my heart

Tearing me apart

Piece by piece

Where will I find peace?

I just know there is a way

To mend my broken heart

To heal my broken soul

To find a way to where you are

Where shadows won’t dance

In this lonesome romance

On walls where scary dreams wait

In a solemn trance

They always trace the edges

of the scars on my soul

Seeking refuge inside of me

Never letting go

I know you’re out there

Waiting to protect me

From the monster

That patiently waits…

To devour me.