Daily Archives: Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Best Friend

Dear Jen,


I know I tell you all the time that I love you. I know I tell you that you brought light into my dark, dark world often. I mean every word. I want you to truly believe it in your heart. We were destined to be best friends. We were made for one another in ways no one else could possibly understand. My heart hurts when you hurt…and there are times I wish I had that brilliant piece of advice to give to you that would make all your worries, doubts and sadness disappear. In those moments when I have no answer know that you have my ear, my shoulder, and my heart.

I haven’t ever in my lifetime met anyone as beautiful as you…and I thank God for you every day, every night because honestly I couldn’t bare my burdens as well as I do without you around. You give me hope when I am hopeless. You give me strength when I am weak. You give me laughter when I cry. You give me direction when I am lost. You make me feel normal when I am lost in my disability. You are the only person who has been able to ground me when I want to fly the coop….you are so extraordinary. I hope you know that.

I have given you every dark secret I own and you hold them locked away…and even with all that dark history and disturbing past you still love me unconditionally. I don’t know what I have done to deserve you but I will appreciate and love you all my life.


you lend me your heart

when silence circles

as my tears fall from hurt

from my cheek to your shoulder

I know with you by my side

I’m going to be fine

You bring shelter to my secrets

Like no other…

for that I love you always


I was drowning when we met…with your heart you brought me out of the water…you complimented me…I don’t ever want to be without you Jennifer….

                                                                                                     Love Your Best Friend

                                                                                                                    Rachel Ann