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Oh Little Brother



Oh little brother

What have you done?

Don’t fret over the mess

Life is nothing less

Time passes by

and we grow apart

but oh little brother

you are always in my heart

forgive the ones that pass you by

forgive the ones who are by your side

receive the blessings of life

in small rounds of laughter

pauses in silence that bring you peace

oh brother I love you so much

not only because I am your sister

because life is a mess

a tangled web of sorrows

not promised many tomorrows

so I want you to know

oh little brother

don’t fret over the mess

life is nothing less

and I want you to forgive me

for time that has passed

forgive me for growing further

from home in my body

know my heart has never faltered

and I love you so little brother

one day I shall be called away

just listen to what I say

Oh little brother…

look at all you have done

don’t fret over the mess

life is nothing less

and I will love you then

even when I am gone

and not only because I am your sister

but because we have grown

from our family tree

I am very proud to see

the seeds you have planted

so oh little brother

don’t fret over the little mess

life is nothing less

just remember

I shall love you forever


The Struggle for Inner Peace and Happiness

Becoming a happier, better person takes hard work. It takes long term commitment, patience, and constant struggle. I have found in my own personal experience of trying to be a better person, that it takes a different perspective. A perspective that I did not start out in this life having and many others do not start out with this perspective either. That is what makes it a constant struggle. A positive perspective is what is needed.


If you were raised in a hostile environment then your perspective will not be one of cheer. Like my own started out. Many people are so accustomed to having bad things happen to them, or to have people constantly using them that they trust that this is just the way their lives were meant to be. It is called familiarity. One becomes comfortable in what they know and what is familiar. They just accept this is what life is supposed to be for them. Whether or not these bad things continue to bring one down has everything to do with the perspective they hold on these events. It is no secret that bad things happen to people all the time, all over the world. Perspectives are what differ. Do not let the bad things become so familiar that you fail to attempt to go after the good things simply because you fear change, or fear failure, or believe somehow you deserve it. Everyone deserves happiness and most have to go look for it outside the box you have comfortably moved into to find it. Start believing you deserve good people in your life. Start telling yourself that when a bad things happen it happened to bring you to something better. Things happen for a reason and start believing that the things that happen to you are to bring you to better things. Remember you are beautiful and deserve beauty in your own life. You will find things changing subtly over time. Eventually you will have inner peace and more happiness.

Let me put out an example of two perspectives coming from the same event. Perhaps it will better help us understand why perspective is so powerful and a useful tool in to becoming a happier, better version of yourself.


Jane is driving down a highway and hits a patch of ice. This throws her into a spin and ending with her rolling her vehicle. Luckily she survives. Weeks before this terrible accident Jane struggled with life problems, people using her, things not working out for her, and thought to herself often that life sucks, maybe it would be better if she were just out of the picture for everyone else. She was negative everyday. After the car settles in the roll over crash she calls 911 for help and is rescued. The moment she exits the crushed vehicle she looks around astonished that she survived.


This is a turning point in her life though she doesn’t realize it just yet. She looks at the car upside down in front of her in shock and awe. At this moment she has a chance to change her perspective. She can see this as just another event happening to keep her down or she can view this as an awakening the soul type of event to help bring her to the happiness everyone craves.


She chose to allow her perspective to change in a positive way. She suddenly realizes that life really IS what you make of it. Instead of this event looking like a burden of another car loan she views it as a chance to finally upgrade the vehicle she has been wanting to upgrade for over a year anyway but kept putting it off. She begins to find the beauty in the world. She starts to slow down in life and take in the small wonders around her. Weeks pass and she realizes that she is slowly becoming a happier person within herself. She is taking trips she had put off for years. She started seeing vacation as something she deserved not something that she wished for. As more times passes with her enjoying this new found inner happiness she starts to meet nice, kind, positive happy people who only uplift her even more. Events start happening that lead her to more and more happiness and peace within. Her perspective now forever changes and she realizes that she has become empowered by this.


Now let us change this up a little and compare the two scenarios. We have the same car accident happening to Jill. Jill has the same perspective as Jane before her crash. She was negative all the time. As Jill’s car settles she calls 911 to be rescued. She furious that this event happened worrying about the fact she has to take on another car loan that she can’t afford. She is upset that this is another event of many throughout her life that seem to happen that holds her back from being happy. When she exits the car she looks upon the vehicle with worries about how is she going to get another car, how is she going to afford that. Her perspective did not change from the event. Weeks after the event she finds herself struggling with finding another car. She finds herself struggling to find a way to work to keep her job. The people who do surround her seem to have the same sort of luck in life but no advice on helping her out of this predicament. Remember misery loves company. More times goes by and she finds a car and keeps her job but is terribly unhappy still dwelling on the negative aspects of her life and the car crash. She continues to be the person who doesn’t see the glory in life events, she finds herself alone a lot more. Eventually she does have to leave her job and her home because negative things continue to happen over and over. She has failed in her eyes. Easy for her to accept that since it is familiar to her.


Do you believe that Jill had the power to change events in her future with simply changing her perspective? Do you think that maybe if she had pulled out positive energy in that event that perhaps she would have attracted positive energy to herself? I do. I think it would have changed the course of Jill’s life completely had she had a positive perspective. We are all balls of energy. WE decide what energy we emit to the world around us. Energy attracts energy.


That car crash you just read about is a true story. It really happened to two different people. The crash was identical, the vehicles were different, the perspectives were different. The outcome of each person was different and true life. The two people were once friends. I was Jane and I will not use my ex friends name so she will stay Jill. This has led to be know for fact that positive thoughts, positive energy, positive perspective helps one find inner peace and true happiness. Did bad things stop happening to me? No but the bad stuff is easier and more positive things happen to me now and have since that car crash. I write this in hopes to encourage people to start thinking outside the box they find themselves in. Put down the negativity. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and believe you deserve good things. Because guess what? YOU DO!


It is a struggle for me to remember every day that I do deserve the good things in life spite the bad things I’ve dealt with my whole life. I don’t have to settle for anything and have the power to change my thinking so that it allows positive happy things to come to me. Along the way I have had to cut people out of my life. You should not keep surrounding yourself with people who do not compliment the best you. This was hard for me at first but as I look back at all the people I have cut out I do not regret it. I am happier because of it. I hope this helps you find inner peace and happiness that you deserve. Life is short don’t put it off any longer.