Daily Archives: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tumbling, tumbling

Tumbling, tumbling
down we go
empire in dissension
the people glancing for some sort of
the starving children
living under the bridge
clinching the bosom
of a thinning mother
who works part time
in the warm cafe
serving the coffee
and baking the sweets
she only asks for some sort of relief
from the streets
where a fire can warm them
and a bed shall relieve
the pain in her bones
and protection from thieves
they came and stole her prized possession
her home of dignity, protection and love
storm clouds are rolling high above
tumbling, tumbling
down we go
empire in dissension
folks looking for some sort of redemption
the sick and demented
living under the bridge
his mind is broken for all he gives
his soul he sold to a military machine
for weeks he’s craved to be nothing but clean
but the voices haunt him
the war was a crime
It left him empty and scarred inside
where peace once existed
and love led the way
now he fights to survive
day to day
as the empire crumbles

I Want Out

I am like a fish out of water
I can’t breathe when you’re around
Shhh…what is that sound?
It is me gasping for life
Outside you and me
I’m like a bird who wants to be free
Emotional roller coaster
I just want off
Shhh…what is that sound?
It’s me throwing up
All this up and down
and all around
has made me nauseated
will it ever end?
You smother my life
My very existence
I need some form of resistance
I got to get out alive
Before the straw gives
You never really loved me
You were just afraid to be alone
You felt you had to man up
Hold some sort of score
Your conscious you ignore
The inner voice that is telling you to go
Well I want out
I want to be free
I want the freedom to think for myself
and choose what is best for me