Daily Archives: Monday, May 3, 2010

Death Within My Veins

It ends
It hurts
It burns tonight
The pain felt within
The loss
The void
It will never end
The emptiness inside
A part of me
Along with you shall die
The tears
The sorrow
The grief
The loneliness I feel
Attempt to live on
This is REAL
The memories will always remain
Death felt forever
Within my veins

Sexual Revelation

I want to feel your passion
The heat upon our skin
I want to feel you in me
Deep, deep within
Fast, slow, all in motion
Lips, wet lips, soft lips, your lips
All over my throat
Hold me down with gentleness
So ecstasy may enter our loins
Over and over rapture me
Like we may not live in the morn
I want that refreshed feeling
That our love has been reborn