Daily Archives: Monday, March 23, 2009

Looks like end stage cancer…

I sat my daughter down today and gave her the news about her Opa. (German for grandfather) I was so scared to tell her and wasn’t sure how to even start but I got through it.

I told her that Opa has cancer and is very sick. I explained to her that most people with cancers die and that Opa will eventually die. She asked for the date and I told her the time is unknown. I told her that it is important to spend time with her Opa when we go there in the morning and to be sure to let him know that she loves him. She asked if he had the same cancer that my dad had. I almost broke down in tears. I knew she asked this out of fear that Opa will one day be gone like my dad is gone. I have always been honest about my dad’s death with her and let her know that the smoking is what gave him the cancer. I hope this deters her from smoking in the future. I told her that my dad had lung cancer and Opa has pancreatic cancer.

We leave in the morning to spend a few days with him. My girls will be happy to see him and he’ll be happy to see them too. I want to pick up some ensure for him and buy some fresh fruits when we get there. I know these two things will help with weight, and energy from my experience with not only my dad but also my aunt Eve.

Please pray for us and that his time left will be enjoyable as possible with no pain and suffering. Pray for me to be the rock I need to be too please. God bless you my readers, and be safe.