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Why do blood tests always have to be so confusing?

So I’ve been looking over the blood work I had done at the doctors office and again I am totally lost as to what it could mean.

I have normal range of neutrophils.

My lymphocytes are pretty high and I have read quite a few things that tell me that means an infection is being fought somewhere in your body. My question is WHAT INFECTION? I have no fevers. It is weird. It says on the sheet that the normal range of lymphocytes is 0.9-2.9 thou/cu mm. My reading is 3.5 with the marking (H) beside it, which I assume, that stands for high.

The sheet says that Absolute Momocytes should be within this range Low: < 0.9 thou/cc mm, and my reading is 0.5, does this mean I am within range?

It says that Eosinophils normal range should be Low: < 0.5 thou/cc mm. My range is 0.2.

It says that Basophils normal range should be Low: < 0.3 thou/cc mm and mine is reading at 0.1.

My WBC is normal. My only concern is the lymphocytes range I have. I’m not sure how high that is considered in the medical community. I was wondering if having high lymphocytes coincide with having MS?

I was diagnosed with FMS, fibroymalgia, and some symptoms I have started to have within the last few months do not fall under that illness. I’ve done a lot of reading and research and have found out that some of my symptoms could be the early stage of MS. Could this be why my lymphocytes are high?

I go see my new neurologist next week. I’m having her take over my care for the nerve tumor in my back and she thinks we might look into the MS possibility.

I know without doubt I do not have RA, rheumatoid arthritis. I know I don’t have lyme disease. I’ve been checked for SLE, Systemic Lupus and have tested negative for the ANA factor twice.

I guess if I don’t test out positive for MS then I’ll just have to settle for the fibromyalgia diagnosis. It isn’t that I think I don’t have FMS, I certainly do without doubt have that. I just think that there is an underlying illness not yet found in my body causing these few other weird symptoms.

The weird symptoms are leg jerks when I just sit and relax. It happens out of nowhere and when someone is around it is embarrassing to have my leg just jerk for no reason. I have strange muscle spasms in my arms and legs at odd times! I still suffer from more then normal hair loss. I have strange pains in my leg area and rib cage in the back on both sides. Sometimes I get a sharp pain when I take a breath and it hurts like hell. It passes but comes again from time to time.

I just heard an ice storm in on our way! That is just freaking great!

Until next time…

Be safe!