Daily Archives: Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sometimes the hurt is so bad
Sometimes all I want to do is cry
Sometimes I just want to be die
In times of that crisis I reach for you
There you are
Standing tall
Your arms stretched wide
Your love and pride
Trust in us during this stride
You amaze me more everyday

As you wipe the tear off my cheek
You tell me things are going to all right
I welcome your embrace
As I fall from grace
In my moment of crisis
As my mind goes to war
As my heart breaks inside
You offer your arms for me to hide
I crave your presence in my time of need
A man like you is the dying breed

Promise me, in this moment and beyond
Your love will never die
Your eyes will cherish me always
And your arms always open to me
Tell me I’m yours forever
I’ll never be alone
As you allow me to break down
For what the past has done
The night is dark
You are my light

Sometimes all I need is you
Sometimes you stop the cry
Sometimes you help me survive
The war inside my mind
The chaos inside my world
The ache inside my heart
All the puzzle parts
Of a past relived over and over
You surround me with cover
You’re my best friend and my lover