Daily Archives: Monday, January 5, 2009

Could my daughter have juvenile diabetes?

Tonight I almost put myself into a panic attack. I went looking across the web for some information on children wetting their pants. I am having a problem with my oldest daughter, and it has been a continuing problem since I potty trained her. She is seven now.

My research led me to pages about bladder problems and juvenile diabetes. Reading over juvenile diabetes put a scare into me when I got to symptoms of the disease.

I do have a doctor appointment set for her next week. The appointment is to address this wetting problem. For a while we thought it was just a growth situation but now it seems to be something more since more time has gone by. It has been a substantial amount of time too.

What am I going to do if it turns out to be juvenile diabetes?

When she first started wetting back when I potty trained her I punished her and now I know I shouldn’t have. Her being my first child I was absolutely clueless on how to go about training her in the first place. When it got really hard for me and stressful over having no success I turned to support online. That is when I realized I shouldn’t have been punishing her. The guilt is still in me over that.

You have any idea how bad I will feel if she is medically impaired regarding this urination problem and knowing I’ve punished her for something she couldn’t control?

Gosh what a terrible parent I’ve been to her! I probably should have reached out to the doctor a long time ago instead of waiting too!

How will she take it if it does turn out to be juvenile diabetes? She is only in second grade!

It is going to turn our world upside down. I’ll have to learn how to cook properly for a diabetic, learn how to test her, teach her how to do it herself, and watch her through the pain. I have failed her folks.

I have allowed my daughter to go over a year with probably feeling low and humiliated over her wetting problem. I definitely have failed her big time.

There have been times I have gotten so frustrated over her wetting and I know it has shown even though I tried to hide it from her. What can I do to make this up to her? I wonder if she’ll resent me as she grows older like I resent my own mother for things my mom didn’t do for me?

God help me. God give me strength. God give me patience. God give me guidance.

If it does turn out to be juvenile diabetes for my oldest daughter, does that mean my youngest daughter will have it too? Something else for me to worry about…

Every night that I pray for my children this is what I pray, “Lord, please watch over my children. Keep them safe, warm and healthy. May you guide them like you guide me.”

I hope when I take her in next week the news I get is not juvenile diabetes. I hope it is just a bladder control problem that can be corrected or helped with medication.

Until next time…