What does low MCHC mean in my blood test? Here is your answer…

Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)

So you’ve gone to your doctor and had some blood test done. You are looking over the results wondering why the hell you have low MCHC? Here are some reasons why this can occur.

The first reason would be anemia. This is when your body is low on what it needs regarding energy. Usually iron deficiency. Healthy people have an adequate number of correctly sized red blood cells containing enough hemoglobin to carry sufficient oxygen to the body.

The typical level that is considered normal range of MCHC is MCHC: 32 to 36 gm/dL

I hope this answers the question as to what does low MCHC mean for you.

(I am not a medical doctor, always consult your own medical doctor with diagnosis, NEVER diagnose yourself. My information is only to help those who have the question to this particular problem.)

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  1. Hi, I’m fascinated reading your blog. Your story is eerily similar to mine. I just wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed, at age 45, with Hereditary Spherocytosis. This is a hemolytic anemia that a person is born with and there’s not much that can be done about it. Often, it goes undiagnosed until adulthood. I still sometimes think that my doctors didn’t test enough and that I could have lupus, but all the other tests indicate no. Nevertheless, I persevere. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple years ago, but I still think there’s more to my situation than that. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about hereditary spherocytosis in case you didn’t know about it. Also, I have a blog too, it is
    http://www.fibro-fogchronicles.blogspot.com Maybe we can compare notes lol. Take care,

    • Thank you Kathy for visiting my page here. I hope you come back every once in a while. I enjoyed your blog very much as well and will add you to my blog roll. I have done a little reading on that blood disorder you mentioned, very interesting, I was thinking I should see a hematologist to see what they think about my blood work. I just recently had blood work done and the doctor said everyone looked fine and I have high confidence in her, she’s a great doctor. I will mention this disorder to her and see what she thinks and go from there. The blood work you read about was done quite sometime ago, so things might have changed for the better for me, I don’t know. I still feel like crap most days, even on my lyrica and other meds I take. I nap everyday and still have such a fatigue it is so hard to just get up and go.

      I apprectiate you comment, the information you left and the link to your own blog. I hope to see you here at JustOrdinary again soon. 🙂

      God bless. JO

  2. Hey, recently, I’m loosign wieght like hell! I lost about 5Kgs in 3 months without no reason, I don’t excersice and eat as usual! I lost appetite without any clear reason, I had my blood tested several times and found that MCHC is 30 in many times! Not sure waht does that mean, but I’m afraid that I’m having Lukemia since I have tiny small red dots start generating under my skin!! do you have any info about what does the 30 number of MCHC would be for Lukemia pateints?

    Appreciate your help

    • My first suggestion is to take a breath and don’t panic yourself.

      Second suggestion is look to your doctor, find an internest you can go to and have some questions answered to ease your worries. I’m not sure what your case means but I’m sure a professional will have the answers you seek.

      God bless I wish you well on your journey. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you stop by again soon.

    • I have 30 it means your low in iron anemia. You could be diab2 like me non detected for yrs. Liver 57 adrenal gland probs now linked to thyroid hypo. You prob have hyperthyroid. That is heredotary and definitly relatef to autoimune, check out thyroid test on thyroid.about.com. means your body cant absorb vitamins. Many Drs look@ lab ranges theyr way off. You have to pay out of pocket to see good endo like dr holtorf foster city. Or langer in berkeley. Or check your insurance for alternative. Dont know where u live. LA has a good one great reviews. Good luck sick and hanging in there.

  3. Pretty interesting site you’ve got here. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Best regards

  4. Hi, I have the same problem, my mchc is 31, and I had small red dots that appeared on the calfs of my legs and I bruise very easily, I always have tiny little bruises all over. Does anyone have any advise…Thanks…L.S.

    • This is iron deficiency anemia. The bruises occur from low iron and the red spots are because your platelet count is low. Go get a blood test to check your iron levels; once you begin a strong iron supplement prescription you will notice all of those symptoms go away. Mine have, all of my levels are back to normal now (9 months later) but my MCHC is still 31… strange.

    • That’s is what itp does when you have it.that how I found out.I could not Hardly walk do weak. And bruised all over. They keep Mr in the hospital a long time given me blood and platelets. Itp is a blood platelet disorder. my platelets were real low. When I had these little dots on my arms and legs.look like someone a
      Put dots on me with a red ink pen.lol. I wish you well.

    • Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L–NN-REA-I—G!

  5. Little red dots sounds like Petechiae and it is a symptom of varied illnesses I believe. I happen to know it was a huge indication for my little brother who was later diagnosed with I.T.P. I do not know what his blood test results showed. But Petechiae (sounds like pet-teek-e-i) is a symptom you should have a Dr look into. Good luck to all.

  6. Strange one! I have also got the same and got diagnosed.Waiting for another report.Lord will help.

    Thanks for your info

  7. Today I asked my cardiologist about my mchc, he said don’t worry about it. It indicated “our of range” at 32.7 yet you say that normal is 32-36 what’s going on, and last year I did get red dots on the soles of my feet.

  8. I think they made an error at the lab and what else is new? Reference ranges says 33.1-54.4 ty

    • Each lab has their own reference levels. Like my MCHC is 31.7 and the range values were 33 to 37

      • I just received my blood work and my MCHC was 29.5 and the normal range showed to be 31.5-35.7. My RDW was 16.8 and the normal range showed as 12.3-15.4%. My Dr, said everything was normal. I am so fatigued all of the time and I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions????

  9. My MCHC is 30.9…I have chronic lyme disease which plays havvoc with my
    red blood cells since I also carry bartonella and babesia….Please by all means cover every avenue and don’t skip the lyme drs. God bless you all…Anne

  10. KSM, if you think you have Lupus get an appt with a Rheumatologist have the SB LA SB RO RA Anti double stranded DNA tests…

  11. Mine is 31.4
    The doctor didn’t make anything of it, should I be concerned?

  12. Ok I’m totally confused and just hoping maybe some one might be able to help.

    I went for a medical for a job and during the routine medical the doctor examined me and I jumped up when he pressed near my pelvis. He told me to go back to my GP and get it seen to before he would sign me off for the job. I did go to the GP the next day and I was sent for an ultra sound. As a result I have been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst the size of a golf ball but my doc said …. “ahh you will be grand”…and not to worry about it. I want to see a gynaecologist to confirm this but where I am getting confused is I read over my blood tests as well and don’t understand much… I am just hoping someone might be able to help me please… The ones that are in bold (cause there is something wrong with them are as follows along with the HIGH and LOW comments.
    GAMMA GT(S) = 50 (HIGH)
    DIRECT LDL (S) = 3.9 (HIGH)
    RED CELL COUNT = 5.18 (HIGH)
    MCHC = 31.8 (LOW)

    Can anyone explain them to me please?

    • for ninak;; on the gentle side, high altitudes and dehydration can result in these types of results. on the other side, is if you was to test positive for a jak 2 mutation, one of which is called polycythemia vera, which is the overabundance of red blood cells which makes your blood “thick”. it would show as high rbc, hemacrit, hemaglobin, etc…

  13. I have just paid for copies of my “normal” blood results.

    MCHC is 31.4 g/dL

    But apparently nothing to be concerned about!

    Any advice, please?

    Only other “out of range” result was serum creatinine. That was 85 umol/L (range 44-80)



  14. i am abdisalan jama my mchc is low 36 pllease explain

  15. Several years ago, my husband was diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocyteopenia). He had to have injections of humaglobulin. (very expensive). He had petichie all over and they though it was just a virus. His platelet count was at 1800 . the next day it was 1200. He was sent to an onocologist and by the time he got there it had dropped to 800 within a few hours. don’t take petechie lightly. He almost died. just thought I would share.

  16. PLEASE! can someone ease my worry if possible, any advice apart from go back to my usual doctor as I don’t see the point, she say’s it’s fine???

    MCHC = 31.1 (LO)
    NEUTROPHIL = 7.30 (HI)
    SERUM VITAMIN D = 8.6 (LO)

    I have noted down the one’s that were noted on my results as either (HI/LO) in bold..


  17. Great amazing things here. I am very happy to see your post. Thanks so much and i am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  18. I was in a accident in 2007, lost my spleen and many severe injuries hospitalized for 4 and a half months….my platelets run 1,147,000 and my white blood count is 18.6 any Ideas?????????? Help I’m always sick and all I want to do is sleep. Drs have been no help pretty much idiots…..HELP!!!!!

    • Joyce, I’m so sorry for your situation. If you live in Massachusetts I could recommend someone who I think could help. Can you provide that info?

  19. Hi this is the normal limit of,MCHC betwen 32.0-36.0 if is higher or lower than that consult your doctor

  20. @Joyce
    High blood count indicate a liver desease.

  21. @Joyce,I forgot to say that platelets are high because of your spleen removal.

  22. hello
    pls reply i have mchc 349 and monocytes

  23. hello pls give me tratement i have mchc 349 and monocytes 10.30

  24. @Tahir :Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) is the average concentration of hemoglobin in red blood cells. MCHC is used to help diagnose the type (cause) and severity of anemia. When MCHC is low, this can mean a person has iron-deficiency anemia. This type of anemia can be caused by insufficient iron in the diet or by blood loss. Blood loss, such as what might occur with tumors in the colon and other parts of gastrointestinal tract, can cause low iron levels and a low MCHC.
    High MCHC levels may indicate the presence of macrocytic anemia and can have a variety of causes, including liver disease, and deficiencies of vitamin B12 and folic acid (folate).
    So, you have to find the cause check yourself for liver desease if not you have deficiencies of B12 and Folic acid

  25. @Tahir,I find something for you regarding high monocytes.

  26. @Tahir,I give you an advice what I am using,My levels are high but not high as yours.Use coconut oil but not the cheapest version like £7 one .I use the £14 coconut virgin oil,is for anemies,,fight infection and viruses,start with a small spoon between meals and graduate go to a spoon.This will give you more energy I know how you feel I am in the similar situation.and of course consult your Dr.You are not aloud to take vitamin suplements like B12 stay away from vitamins B.

  27. To All
    Got blood test results MCH 26.7 pg has been like this since 2008 varing from point .5-.3 low, MCHC 31.1 g/dl, and transferrin Sat is 10, low in Vit D -25, Iron-2008 was 9, 2010- 24 , 2011- 30, 2012- 8,umol/L, Ferratine 25 ug/L since 08-12 ranged from 17 now 25 , Transferrin 2008 3.0, 2010 -3.1, 2011 2.9, 2012-3.2g/L, Transferrin Sat 2008 12, 2010-9 2011-3.4, 2012- 10, Vit B12 486, R.C folate 1650, why is my MCHC, MCH, transferrin Sat low is it due to vi D deficinecy also had a test done barium due to stomach pains coeliac test was normal , except said that there was some calcification in liver and need to repeat test , I had a normal ultrasound done in 2010 and without the barium and that wasw all normal, what could this mean I am worried sick as I pray that there is nothing wron g in the 2nd test that my dughter needs to do she is only 21 years, had blood in stools but they said it was due to a tear after docotr examined the renal area, it was bright red did not request a colonoscopy to be done, and she also has hematureia which is only microsocpic father has had same problem too, but no iron or anemin problems.
    What does this mean if she is ok with iron, folate, b12 but problems with MCHC MCH and transferrin sat .has anyone else encountered the problem and only anemic but docotr said not iron defecinecy
    please reply
    God Bless you all
    you can get in touch with me on diamondsnsapphires2212@hotmail.com

  28. Hi. I was diagnosed for Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2004. I did my latest blood test yesterday and my ESR is 58, MCH 25 and MCHC 31. My doctor asked me if I have anyone in my family tested for Thalassemia. I said none. He said I am probably a Thalassemia minor or carrier. That bugs me. i was diagnosed for Sjorgen too.

  29. I was wondering if I could get some help! I have been sick for a long time, having bad upper right quad pain, very sharp stabbing pain coming from the back into stomach, a almost swollen appearence in my stomach, I’ m so tired all the time, I finially got some insurance and wnt to the Dr. she sent me in for a lot of blood work along with other test. she is gone for the next week and I got the lab reports back today. Of all of the ones that have *’s that note a high or low leval, it says

    HEMATCRIT 32.0 L
    MCH 24.2 L
    MCHC 29.1 L
    SED RATE 30 H

    Can you help give me a idea as to what I’m facing? I waited so long to find out, another week really makes a difference! God Bless!

  30. I am at a loss! Not Gettimg amywhere and going downhill fast! I was admiited to Er for pain in abdmoen. ct, ut, and blood test were ran. The redults cysts 2mon ovary and lesions and cysts on liver. The blood test only reavealing Low MCHC, High Monocytes and High Lipase, Low albumin and protein. I was advised to see a GI, which I did and he prescribed antibiotics for divrrtivultis. Still in pain, no energy, ache all over. He just thought dince I wadnt helpedby the antibiotics that itmusy be IBS and sent me home. Now what? I am looking onMonday for a second opinion, but fo not have insurance and all these tedts are costing me my lifesavings. Does anything stand out that I habent ruled out yet? Please Help! Deparatefor some relief of the physical pain . Did I mention, I gained 40 lbs in afew months and just am going into menopause…no period for almost 6 months. Age51. Pleade…any insight eould greatly appreciated!

    • hI Pamela
      HAVE YOU FOUND ANY ANSWERS, AND WHAT WAS MCHC TEST, WERE YOU LOW IN b12 FOLATE, FERRATIN OR IRON AS THIS TOO COULD MACKE mchc LOW dID YOU DO A BARIUM TEST, MY DAUGHTER HAD PAINS ABOVE NAVAL AND BELOW CHEST THEY WERE BLOATED, GASSY, CRAMpY FEELINGS, WAITED 4 HRS IN EMERGENCY TOLD HAS IBS NO TREATMENT OR TEST SENT US HOME DID NOT EVEN TELL US WHAT TO DO EVEN THOUGH I ASKED , MY DAUGHTER WAS 21 THEN JUNE 2O12, TWO WEEKS BEFORE HAD SAME ISSUE WHICH LASTED FOR 4 HOURS IT WAS SO BAD SHE WAS CURLED ON THE FLOOR, TOOK Panadol raPid, felt Better after four hours only to get it again the next day she never said anything to me as she was at her friends house, UNTIL TWO WEEKS LATER, WHERE WE ENDED IN EMERGENCY, AS NOTHING WAS DONE WENT AND SAW FAMILY DOCTOR WHO GAVE HER BUSCOPAN INJECTION AND 2 GAVASCONS AND SHE FELT A RELIEF BY THE TIME WE GOT HOME SHE WAS 95 BETTER, DOCTOR THEN WANTED A BARIUM SCAN DONE THE NEXT DAY WITH BLOOD TEST, BARTIUM SCAN REVELED ATCH CALCIFICATION ON RIGHT SIDE OF LIVER THATS WHERE SHE USED TO HAVE THESE STICHES SINCE 2O1O BUT A SCAN WA S DONE THEN, NOT BARIUM AND THERE WS NOTHING MENTIONED THEN,, UNTIL THIS BARIUM jULY IN 2O12, SHE WS THEN SENT FOR AN MRI AND THAT SAID THE RESULTS CONCLUDED AS NORMAL STUDY OF THE LIVER ETC AND THAT SCANS ARE MORE SENSITIVE AND COULD DETECT CALCIFICATION. HER MCH AND MCHC LEVELS HAVE BEEN LOW SINCE 2OO8 THEY SAID THAT SHE WAS ANEMIC AND I THOUGHT IT WAS IRON, YES SHE DID HAVE IRON ISSUES AT THE TIME BUT THE RECENT ONE HER IRON WAS 8, THESE ARE THE RESULTS Ferratine since 08- 17,2010-24,, 2011-30, 2012 -25, Iron-2008 -9, ’10- 7, ’11-25, 12-8, Transferrin-2008- 3.0,’10- 3.1,’11- 2.9, ’12-3.2, Transferrin Sat-2010 12, ’10-9. ’11-34, *’12-10% (not sure why % as the others did not have them) folate and B12 normal, vit D deficincy, *MCH 26.7pg, *MCHC-21.1g/dl, HB 13.1, PCV42.1%,RCC 4.91×1012/L, MCV 86fl, White cell count 10.7,, Neutrophils 66%, Lymphocytes, 19%, Monocytes 8%, *Esonophils:7%, Basophils:0%, Platelets:335, thyroid norma;Serium Biochemistry reslults inluding billirubin 5 umol/L, cretine 62 umol/L, sodium 141 potass 4.3mmol/L , chloride 108 mmol/l, bicarbonate 25mmol/l, urea 5.0mmol/l EST.GFR > 90 per 1.73 sqm, ala aminotransferas 15u/l , Asp. aminotransferase 17u/l, alkaline phospates 74 u/l, gemma glutamyl trans GGT 10U?L , total protein 75 G?L Albumin 46 G/L, Globulin 29G/L, Dr said they are in normal range ), did Coeliac Disease serology (serium) – normal 2.53,for 2012 results as per 1/6/12,) NOTE THE FOLLOWING MCH 26.7pg, *MCHC-21.1g/dl, HB 13.1,


      • Try ALOE VERA pure plant juice . From real plant. Healthfood store has juice. Healed my liver 57 Bloat pain kidney pain back pancrease. Also brot my blood sugar down. Totallyiracle plant . Taste like poison but works. Fast stay away from food while u drink it if u can. U will heal faster.

  31. Hi everyone
    What is MCH 26.7 pg and MCHC 31.1 g/dl, they say she is anemic Iron studies show as that Iron-2008 was 9, 2010- 24 , 2011- 30, 2012- 8,umol/L, Ferratine 25 ug/L since 08-12 ranged from 17 now 25 , So why is her MCH and MCHC low its been like that since 2008 I think and is it too low, Docotor asked if she has thalessima too, and not heard of it in the family . Like to know if all of your iron studies are normal but still have low MCH, MCHC levels. and should I give her iron suppliment, I have started her on centru advance, and vitamin D1000IU.
    the hostiptal too told me that my daugter too has IBS as she had abdominal cramps,bloating and gassy feeling the hospital sent her home after four hours without anything, my GP gave her a buscopan injection and she felt the cramps relieve, and the gavoscon too helped. she has had a couple of episodes since May 2012. SDid tes for Celiac disease came out normal
    She had bleeding from her rectum in 2010, bright red, docotr said that it was a tear only after doing a physical exam, and she had it once after, it was quite bad the first time, no colonoscopy or stool testing was done, the stomach problems with cramsps started only in 2012, she has been complaning of pains like a stich on right side ultra sound came clear in 2010, however when she did a barium scan following the pains , cramp, gassy feeling said had liver patchy calcification, did MRI said normal study of organs however liver calcification is better seen on scans.
    The docotr said will keep an eye on her MCH and MCHC levels,. as well as her liver function test bye doing blood test in six months., this has have been there since 2008, but other than saying anemic all these years I had no clue as I thought it was iron deficiency until the other doctor explained it to me in 2012 her B12 and folate are in normal range. She has lost weight since she got her braces in 2011 or is it because of the other problems she has.
    Attached is a article that I read just thought it might be useful
    Abdominal Pain – Timely Diagnosis

    1. Digestive Disease Myths Slideshow Pictures
    2. Appendicitis & Appendectomy
    3. Salmonella Slideshow Pictures
    Medical Author:
    Jay W. Marks, MD
    View Full Profile
    Medical Editor:
    William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR
    View Full Profile
    When a medical problem comes on quickly or occurs periodically over a longer period, it is often best to move quickly and make a diagnosis while symptoms are still present; the more serious the problem, the greater the urgency. Nevertheless, urgency should never replace careful and complete diagnostic testing, as is illustrated by a recent experience.
    I was asked to see a patient, a young man in his late twenties, who for several years had been having episodes of abdominal pain. There was nothing very distinctive about the pain except that it would last from hours to one or two days and then disappear. During the episodes, he would not eat; he also noted some nausea. He had visited an emergency room once, but only limited testing had been done, and no diagnosis was made. At a later time, he had been seen by a gastroenterologist who had performed an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. No abnormalities were found by endoscopy.
    The patient was healthy except for the bouts ofabdominal pain. Despite discussing his medical history in detail and examining him, I could find no clues to the cause of his problem. Since the episodes always resolved completely, I thought the best course of action would be to see him during an episode of pain. By examining the patient during an episode, I hoped to be able to decide on the best diagnostic course.
    It took almost 12 months, but finally, early one morning I got a call from the patient. A typical episode of abdominal pain was beginning. I told him to have someone drive him to my office where I’d meet him. When we met, he was in severe pain, and his abdomen was very tender to the touch. I had not expected such severity and was a bit puzzled. Fortunately, I shared the office with a general surgeon who was used to dealing with abdominal emergencies. He also was impressed by the severity of the episode and recommended that the patient be sent to the emergency room. He was concerned that surgery might be required and also felt that diagnostic testing could be expedited from the emergency room.
    In the emergency room, routine blood and urine testing were normal. There was no fever. Because of the severity of the symptoms, a CT scan was chosen as the first test. The scan was obtained quickly. It showed an area of swelling within the abdomen that was interpreted by a radiologist as a segment of the small intestine.
    Several hours passed and the patient was feeling more comfortable, having been given potent medication for the pain. His abdomen was less tender. Our recommendation to the patient was that he should be admitted to the hospital for observation and further testing. The patient was very reluctant because all prior episodes, even those of equal severity, had resolved completely within a day or two. I finally struck a deal with the patient. I would agree with his going home if he promised to return early the next morning for a barium X-ray of the small intestine. (We still did not know the cause of the intestinal swelling and I hoped the X-ray would identify the cause.) I took the CT scan to the gastrointestinal radiologist who would be performing the X-ray the following day and reviewed it with him in preparation for the X-ray. (He agreed with the prior interpretation of the scan.)
    The following morning, the small intestinal X-ray was performed. It was normal! The astute radiologist, however, not having found an abnormal segment of the small intestine, followed the barium not only until it entered the large intestine (colon), but as it traveled through the first part of the colon–something that is not generally done as part of a small intestinal X-ray examination. By doing so, he identified a narrowing in the middle of the colon. Clearly, the CT scan had been interpreted incorrectly.
    The patient now needed a colonoscopy so that the abnormal area could be examined and biopsied. By this time, however, the patient was feeling much better and refused to return during the next day or two for a colonoscopy. I was disappointed because the opportunity to define the exact cause of the problem would be missed (as well as the chance to determine the most appropriate treatment). However, we had at least defined the exact location of the problem. This might be useful if surgery was required in the future. It also might expedite the diagnostic approach to further episodes, i.e., a prompt colonoscopy.
    The most important lesson from this experience was the importance of timely, expeditious, and complete diagnostic testing. A secondary lesson was that no test (for example, CT scan) is infallible, particularly when human interpretation is involved. The final lesson was the importance of a skilled and prepared radiologist who is able to go beyond the limits of a standard X-ray examination.
    REFERENCE: MedscapeReference.com. Abdominal Examination.

    Last Editorial Review: 7/26/2012
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  32. Pain /stitch was on left side not right side as mentioned above since 2010 comes and goes on and off

  33. Hi,

    Can anyone explain the following:
    HCT = 37.6
    MCHC = 37.2


  34. I am 46 yrs old female. I have been on blood treatments now for 51/2 yrs. For chronic adult I.t.p. In my case cover up. I have brain lesions. All over.but not Ms. came from infections.in my sinus and bone infectiona in my face. Well I am on chronic pain medicine but still in slot of pain.down on my leg and hipbones. My blood test came backwith a high Mcv and low RBC,BBB,MCHC&low platelets@103thousand. I also have gained 70lbs in a year. I Do not eat but maybe one meal a day if that.I have no life.scared please help

  35. Do I need to be in the hospital since I have chronic itp and my platelets are 103 thousand. I take UV treatments for it now 5 1/2 years.

  36. I am curious what you all are doing for nutrition? Today, food is so depleted in nutrition that I believe is why there is more and more ‘diagnosis’ for how we feel. I can so relate to most of these posting. It is truly amazing when the body is balanced how it pays you back! I was one on this search for years, yet who has the money, knowledge or time to find, purchase, track, etc what IS needed for the body? Until I found a company with a product that is free of GMO’s, gluten and lactose AND completely organic. They believe in a no compromise formula and so confident in the product that it has a 30 day money back guarantee…no questions!!. It is easy and affordable AND people are getting their lives back. Watch the video’s at this website to hear a few of the thousands of stories.
    I would love to hear from you about foods/nutrition that is helping or causing symptoms toward better health.

  37. Second try to enter this. I have read through this and I have some input that may be useful to some of you. I went for years with a worsening problem and nobody seemed to be able to figure it out. I’m overweight, so the doctors tend to want to throw everything in the “fat” bin. However, a few months back, a doctor actually noticed that I had low Vitamin B-12 and high folates, with a low mchc. He said he believed I had pernicious anemia and gave me one Vitamin B-12 shot. Then he began to worry even though I showed improvement and wouldn’t give more shots. He put me on oral B-12 instead. So, I did some studying, switched doctors and we came up with a surprise. I had diverticular disease and I have Barrett’s Esophagus so I take Nexium daily. These problems cause the “intrinsic value” in your digestive system to fail. IV is the bus B-12 rides into the system. So, I was eating right, taking in B-12 but my body wasn’t getting it because it had no way to process it. I am now on B-12 shots and getting so much better. My mind is no longer fuzzy and my sight and hearing are better. I have much more energy. The down side is that I had the problem so long that it damaged the nerves in my legs. That damage will not be reversed, but since I’m on B-12 therapy, no more damage will occur. I can still walk. Just can’t run. Pernicious anemia is a serious problem with an easy fix. And good nutrition doesn’t do a thing for this particular issue if you have no intrinsic value. Oral suspensions and sublinguals don’t do a bit of good because your body can’t take it in without the IV. You need the shots. It’s worth checking out.

    • Mary thank you. The Bs and alot of vitmins arent being absorbed. My diabetes2 and thyroid and adrenal problems to date have not been addressed by Drs. These western MDs really suck. Very disapointed the labs still off. The prob is many women have iron and A1C. It effects every organ kidney liver thyroid. Off but labs arent detecting this. The 2 Websites are great. http://Www.sick2death. And Dr ivan danhoff endo tx. http://Www.SEROVERA.COM and by the way dr danhoffs office lab was raided by FDA. uh i think hes onto something with aloe. My best.

  38. Wondering if I should ask to get a bone marrow biopsy. Im in mynlate 30’s.I have had blood work 1-2 times a month and a pattern of low platelets in the 100-130 range over the past 5 months. I do not have all the blood work In Front of me and am seeing an oncology hematology doctor for the past several months. I looked for someone who is not an alarmist but I’m feeling like this miss dragging w no answers. Instill fee lousy and have 2 you g kids and just want to feel well enough to have energy and patience to enjoy them and do more than just get through the day.
    Im overqll healthy. I trained and ran 3 half marathons last year, cross excercise and eat fairly well. I’m gluten free and avoid cows based milk products, pork, corn, vinegar, nuts other than walnuts and almonds, and recently cut soy from my diet. The bleeding ash gotten much better since curti g soy. I’m not hard core and don’t have celiac. I try to eat based on what sits right and makes me feel well. I probably eat too much sugar though. I have an occasional glass of wine approx 6 glasses a month. No other alcohol or smoking.

    I initially went to doc mainly because i was menstrating 20 days a month, nose bleeds, side pain – lower back pain ( I had my gall bladder out 18 yrs ago), fatigue, hair loss, night sweats. Initially my platelets were 130, then 117, then, 113, then 102, then 130 (that was after 10 days in warm Mexico I. jan).
    Feb CBC was w lymphocyte % (L) 8.6, lymphocytes % (L) .7, neutrophils (H) 87, Gran # (H) 7.1, RDW (14.6), Platelets (L) 102

    March CBC several of the previous numbers have resolved to within range values. However, this month things look a littl different. Wishing I had my other labs so I could compare. WBC (L) 3.9, Lymphcytes # (L) 1.0, RBC (L) 3.9, hemoglobin (L) 11, Hemocrit % (L) 35, MCHC (L) 33, platelets 111.

    The doc hasnt said much. i need to be more aggressive and ask more questions. I do t know what to ask at the ti e of the appt because the results come bqck while im there. i come ip w questions after I get the results and try not to go online but i cant help myself. this last set of blood works leads me to question anemia. Anemia becaus of low iron I could deal with ( my iron was fine). i suppose im concerned about a bone marrow dificiency and more specifially aplastic anemia. Do you have any insights, input???

  39. Nawshad Sayed Hossen

    What about high MCHC?

  40. Thanks for the information, recently i’m suffering from low MCHC count. My HB was 5.6 in Feb, I was hospitalized, but now I’m fine. But still RBC and MCHC is low. I was just searching for the meaning of MCHC, and I got your answer, you had given to someone. Really thanks for the information.


  41. I recently had routine blood work and had some abnormal results. In the past, I have never had any abnormal results. The out-of-range tests are a high RBC of 5.10, high H&H of 14.6 and 44.5, low MCHC of 32.7, low PLT of 163 along with a high BUN/CREAT ratio of 16.1.

    Does anyone know what this means? I went to a NP who told me just to repeat the tests in six months. I guess she isn’t worried, but I am since I have never had anything return abnormal before. Any thoughts?

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  44. My recent CBC results are … RBC 4.49,WBC 9.3,hemoglobin 13.9 but my platelets count is surprisingly low 109000 only and mchc is -30.7

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    I feel normal completely total healthy.just has not been quite gud at sleeping timely and hardly drink 5-6 glass water in whole day..it’s really hot in my city.does weather and water intake has impact on blood count and on platelets and mchc??


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  52. Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful replies. I have some concerns about recent changes in my monthly bloodwork. Health history: 13 years ago I had a mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemo. My lymph nodes were clear.
    I was blessed with 12 years of great health and assumed I was completely cancer-free. 18 months ago, severe back pain brought me to the ER where a CT scan revealed that I had the same breast cancer that had metastisized to soft tissue, lymph nodes, and several bony areas. My most recent scan also showed a small area on my liver. The blood test I had done yesterday at my oncologist’s office showed low MCHC @ (30.5). This has been on the low side since July but my doctor did not seem concerned. Yesterday was the first time that my RDW was high (14.7).
    I am scheduled for another CT scan on Monday and will get the results 2 weeks after that.
    Based on other posts I have read. it sounds as though I may have some level of anemia, but I am sure my doctor will have some ideas about that.
    If you have any thoughts about these results, I would appreciate your input.
    God bless you,

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