What do you think? Ridiculous or not? *Strong language*

So my long lost brother called me yesterday evening to wish me a merry Christmas. It was nice to hear from him even though he is the brother I only talk to on special occasions usually. We had a good conversation and he wanted to talk to our grandmother so since she couldn’t call long distance to call him back I offered to conference call her for him. It went well. After that he wanted to call my aunt M to get my aunt H’s number because I didn’t have it and granums didn’t have it. I really didn’t want to call M because I figured she might not want to give the number out but my brother J insisted so I did. I called M and the call was great. We got to talk to my cousin P which was really nice. I do miss talking with her. My aunt M gave my brother the number and then we ended the call with I love you’s and merry Christmas’s.

So now it is just my brother J and I on the phone talking. I tried to tell him I didn’t want to call H that he should call himself and have her call him back. He didn’t want to run up his neighbor’s phone bill anymore then he already did and it wasn’t costing me anything to do it so I decided to call for him.

This is where this part of the whole story gets ridiculous and pisses me off. My aunt H is the aunt I’ve always thought of as a second mom. Her daughters were always like sisters to me growing up. I always thought they thought the same about me but apparently I have been completely wrong and a damn fool to think that.

So my uncle answers and I ask to talk to H. She gets on the phone and I say, “Hey how you doing?” and then put the call on conference with my brother J. She asks, “Whose this?” I reply, “It’s Rachel.” Then she says, “Rachel who?” I was like what the fuck!? I then said it was Rachel and J. I don’t know any Rachel she said. My brother then gets irate and screams, “You don’t fucking remember us? You fucked up? You fucking drunk?” she then hands the phone off to my cousin K as she says, “Who is it?” and K takes the phone and says, “Hello.” And I say in a very firm voice, “K, it’s RACHEL!” then my brother steps in and says something about his screen name and she says this as she hands the phone back to my aunt H, “Oh it’s, J. D.” K didn’t even talk to my brother which I thought was pretty insulting on top the fact they didn’t act like they knew me or him. So now my aunt H gets back on the phone and doesn’t even acknowledge that I am on the call too and says, “Oh J. How the hell you been?” my brother gives her the number where he is and says to call him back and we end the call.

Now I was pretty damn upset that they tried to pretend they didn’t know me. What the fuck? That is what I am still asking myself today. I mean they don’t know any other Rachel’s and who the hell else named Rachel would call on Christmas for goodness sakes! It is absolutely ridiculous what they did. I am surprised that my brother even wanted her to call him back after that charade. If I were him I would have been insulted as well.

I am SO DONE with that part of my family it isn’t even funny. Rachel who? OK we can play that game now I guess. The only difference this time will be that this IS the last damn game ever to be played with them. They can find someone else to continue shitting on. I don’t deserve this type of treatment. Not only did “Rachel who?” insult me, it really hurt me to know they don’t even think of me in the same manner I’ve thought of them all these fucking years. I mean even my aunt R in Kentucky remembers me after not talking or hearing from me for five years when I call her…it was absolutely ridiculous is all I can say. What do you think?


About JustOrdinary

Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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