Daily Archives: Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fighting depression with all I got!

Today is an OK day for me. I can’t say that to often during these cold seasons. I have been able to get my dishes done and make it down to the office to write a short post to the BLOG.

I have some slight burning in my muscles right now and I am hoping that will fade although I know it won’t. It probably will only get worse. I’ve been entertaining myself with Christmas music to keep me in a good mood. I am pretty depressed right now.

I am unhappy with a lot of things. Some of those things I won’t write about here. It isn’t time yet. Soon though I may have to let it out to the BLOG world. I will fight this depression as I have been with all I’ve got. I won’t give in to it. I will fight until I can’t no longer.

You all know the usual stuff around holidays that concern people who battle depression. Lost loved ones they miss badly. I am thinking of dad, Eve and others quite a bit. Reminiscing about old times in my mind.

I actually had a good memory come to me about my mom the other day. I had remembered how she used to break off pieces of Hershey bars to give to me. Dad would buy her Hershey bars, and chocolate covered cherries. Those were her favorites. I loved it when she shared them with me. I can look back now at her sitting in the corner chair calling me over to her. It was nice to remember that after all the grief with her. I guess I don’t have all bad stuff regarding my mom growing up.

We were very poor growing up. I remember being hungry a lot of times. There was very little food in the house most of the time. My brothers and I lived a pretty rough life. So those times that mom would share her chocolates with me were pretty damn special.

Anyway, I just wanted to let the BLOG world know I’m surviving fibromyalgia still. I’m surviving the tumor in my back still too. One day at a time.

Pray for me that my depression subsides soon and I don’t go any lower then I already am…

Be safe folks.

Until next time…