Should I mind my own business? What is your take on this situation?

It seems my mother has reached out to me recently. We have had a few good talks recently. We actually shared feelings with one another about issues that have in the past brought us to screaming at each other. I was surprised.

One of my closest aunts passed on a few years ago. She died of ovarian cancer. Her husband beat her throughout the marriage for many years. He’s a drunk. We’ll call him T. My dad never liked him and he never came into our house while I was growing up. I don’t like him at all. I never liked him. He gives me the creeps. I strongly believe the man is a past molester, possibly still one, who knows? I have no proof to that accusation, but that is my hunch. T is my uncle, and my moms brother-n-law.

Well, my mom is “friends” with him now. I find it disgusting. That man had done some awful things while my aunt fought to live her life.

That is the biggest issue I have right now with my mom. It was one main issue as to why I quit talking to her for a long time. We talked about it a little though the other night on the phone. I calmly told her how I felt about, we’ll call him T. I told her I would NEVER accept him being her “friend”. She claims they are just friends but I call bullshit on that. I think the loser is just using her for her check every month to have someone buy his cigarettes and beer. I told her that too. She doesn’t think so. Obviously she won’t listen to my plea.

I asked her why couldn’t she find a different friend. She had no answer to that. She said it made her happy being his friend. I told her I wanted her happy but I wish she would find happiness somewhere else. I wanted to go off on her. It was hard to stay calm but I did it.

I think it is totally wrong of her to be “friends” with her sister’s (who passed on from cancer) husband. Her other siblings have nothing to do with her. Her sisters quit talking to her for a few reasons but the one reason that keeps them away is her being “friends” with T.

The reason I call bullshit on the whole “friends” title she gives it is because she spends all week living with T and stays on the weekends with my younger brother. Would you call that just “friends”?

Anyway, I find it insulting to the memory of my aunt, her sister! I find it very offensive to my dads’ memory. I personally feel that she should be quite capable of finding a different friend elsewhere, but just refuses too. I think she is being selfish. I also think she is being spiteful to some of those around her. Her mom, who is still living, also is against this whole relationship that would be my grandmother.

Am I wrong? Should I mind my own business? What is your take on this situation?

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Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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  1. In my humble opinion, there is nothing you can
    really do about someone, relative or friend seeing
    another you don’t like. People will not listen, and
    they are usually getting something from that person
    that you are not aware of. The best course of action
    is to keep the lines of communication open, possibly
    distract her a little by doing things together and pray.

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