Daily Archives: Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why do I blog they asked….well…

I was asked why do I BLOG? What do you get out of it I was asked? So I will address it now for the cyber world to see.

I started blogging so that I could put my poetry up for critique. I’ve been writing for over 15 years in all forms and I thought why not take it to the next level, that being the cyber world. Eventually blogging lead to many other things. It led to a journal where I could put my thoughts out and it has helped a great deal so that kept me blogging.

When I had problems with medical stuff it was a place to vent about the hurdles I was climbing. It was a place to ask for advice. It was a place to find others who were the same as I. When I got a diagnosis blogging became a way to put out information about Fibromyalgia and to help be an advocate in getting people aware of its existence.

Eventually I decided to post up my fiction writings for the cyber world to critique as well. I enjoy that a lot too.

What do I get out of blogging? Well, I get tons of support first off. Second, I get a sense of release I can’t get anywhere else. Here I am camouflaged to most who read it. Some know my true identity, but most don’t and that gives me some peace.

It is nice to have others read what I write and know that I’ve touched their lives in some way when they leave a comment like that. It is nice to know that something I write has changed someone in the world in a good way when they comment in that way.

Also it gives me something to do that doesn’t take much from me. It is something I love to do- write. It is easier for me to with my medical problems. I absolutely love blogging and I encourage others to jump on the bandwagon if they haven’t already. Come on! You can do it! Just create a page and start writing your thoughts out. People enjoy reading it.

So that covers why I BLOG and what I get out of doing it to all that wonder. You should try it yourself if you haven’t!