The Seed Of Infidelity Pt. 4

“I’m going to take you home with me tonight. We’ll just get a night bag of some of your stuff and go.” She said as Cassie pulled her face out of her arms to look over to the bathroom.

“OK mom that is a good idea.” Cassie turned toward her mom, “Mom can I come stay with you for a while? Until I can sort some things out, I can’t stay here.” She pushed her hair back out from her flushed face.

“Of course you can stay with me honey. You can stay as long as you need.” She hugged her tightly and then went to the bedroom to gather some things. Cassie stood staring into the bathroom all the while her mom was gathering her some things. She didn’t have any idea what she was going to do about the baby. How was she going to raise a baby alone? She had decided that tonight she would break the news to her mom about the child she carried.

Cassie loved her mom and didn’t want to keep anything from her so it was important for her to share the news about the baby. She hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy. Thomas didn’t even get a chance to know and Cassie wasn’t even sure she would have even told him. She wasn’t even sure if she was going to stay with him. Now a lot of those problems had been solved. Thomas was out of the picture regardless of what Cassie really wanted.

Cassie loved Thomas. When they met at the local bar in town she wasn’t all that enthused over him actually. He was quiet, and she was sociable. She did think he was a very good- looking guy. He had shoulder length fine black hair, hazel eyes and a long nose. He was clean cut. She just wasn’t sure if he was her type. It didn’t take long though to figure out that he was her match. She fell deeply in love with Thomas and was so ecstatic to marry him. It was the happiest day of her life. Now she was without her Thomas and facing an uncertain future. Would she keep her child?

They arrived at Carla’s and Cassie felt a little relief being out of that small one bedroom apartment she once called home. She knew she would have to go in the morning to start packing up the things there but tonight she had a sense of release.

This was her childhood home and not much had changed over the years. It was a huge five-bedroom brick home. Her parents were a happy couple or so she thought growing up. She hardly had seen them fight. Then again her dad was gone a lot. He traveled a whole bunch for business.

Cassie carried her two bags up stairs to her childhood bedroom. The paint on the walls and the bedroom décor had changed over the years, but it was still her room. It was a queen size bed with a roman pillars and a canopy overtop. The theme bedroom set matched the roman features in the room. The colors gold and red burst throughout the room on the floor, wall and bed coverings.

She loved the built in bench by the large window. She remembers sitting there many times looking out at the stars in the nighttime. There were times she remembers sitting there in the mornings breathing in the fresh air from the climbing roses outside the window seal.

“Oh look here.” She picks up a statue from the top of her dresser. “This is still here.”

It was a statue that her dad had brought back for her on one of his trips to Rome. It was a beautiful woman with a canister. She was posed as if she were watering flowers. She loved that statue. Most of her childhood things she left here at home. She never felt quite right about taking any of it with her when she left home. Look at her now. She is back home and carrying a child of her own. What will she do?

“Cassie dear. Would you like to come have something to eat?” her mom called up the stairs. “I can have Raqueem make something quick for us.”

“Sure mom lets eat and talk. I’ll be down after I put my things away.” Cassie yelled back.

This was it she thought. I have to tell her about the baby. Maybe she can give me some good advice. She was always so good with that. She always seemed to know what to do. She headed downstairs.

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Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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