The Seed Of Infidelity (Part One)

He came in from work late. It was the first time Thomas had ever been late coming home. Cassandra was in the kitchen of their small one bedroom apartments kitchen warming up his plate. The meal wasn’t anything special. It was take out that she had picked up for dinner. They had only been together for two years and they both worked jobs.

“Home later then usual tonight.” She said as she slid the plate across the counter to him as he sat down at the bar. The kitchen was too small for a table.

“Yeah, Nate had some tire problem I helped him out with.” He said as he unwrapped his plate of the saran wrap.

This is how it started for the newly wed couple that eventually fell into secrecy, silence and misery. He ended up coming home late more nights with more excuses. She became more unsure of his excuses and insecure in the relationship. Many nights ended in arguments that left her crying on her pillow.

15 months have passed.

“Why are late tonight? Let me guess! Brad ran out of gas and you needed to run him to the station then back to his car to fill up? How is that for a fucking excuse tonight?” Cassandra yelled as he entered the door two hours past the time he was meant to be home.

“Oh and if you expect dinner you can look in the trashcan for it because that is where your dinner will be!” she stormed by him going into the bedroom slamming the door.

He placed his coat on the rack. He glanced at the bedroom. He was tempted to go in there and try to make things better. Tonight however he didn’t give a damn what she thought. He walked into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. He wasn’t in there for no more then five minutes and Cassandra storms in.

“Just come out and tell me what whore you are fucking behind my back Thomas! Be a man. Don’t insult me this way. I’m not a fucking moron. I smell the bitch on your shirts when I wash them. I just want you to be straight with me so we can move on however we should move on.” Tears were streaming from her eyes.

“I don’t know what else to say to you Cassie. I’m not with any other woman. You are just paranoid and this shit about smelling another woman is in your head obviously! I am however getting tired of getting this type of treatment when I come home from you night after night.” He slammed the plate down on the counter and stormed off into the bathroom.

“You can’t run away from this Thomas. I am not just going to go cry into my pillow again and just pretend nothing is going on. I won’t play stupid any longer. I want you to tell me the truth.” She yelled outside the bathroom door crying.

It was silent for a while as she stood there. She thought to herself about what would she do if he actually did tell her the truth. She convinced herself that if he didn’t admit it then there was always that chance he wasn’t having an affair. That justified her staying. She needed to stay now she thought. How would she raise a baby by herself she thought.

Deep down she had hoped he’d deny it once more. She knew it was stupid. She knew she looked like a clown. What else could she do though she thought? She was going to have a baby in nine months to care for. Do that alone? She wasn’t so sure she could.

She slid down the door to sit softly on the carpet. “Thomas you need to be honest with me. All I ask is for some respect. Respect includes honesty….” She wiped her cheeks but the tears still fell from her eyes. She refused to tell him about the child she carried.

Suddenly you heard Pocket Full Of Sunshine ringing from her cell phone.

“Hi mom. No, it’s OK you didn’t interrupt anything here. Sure, I’ll be right over.” Closing her phone and placing it back in its holder she ran her hands through her hair.

She tilted her head back to rest it on the bathroom door. “I’m going over to moms. She needs me over there. You want to come with me?” she asked hoping he’d say no.

It was silent. She sat for a moment waiting for an answer but he silence still lingered.

“Thomas! You could at least acknowledge me!” she yelled as she rose to her feet.

She attempted to open the door but it was locked. That was unusual she thought to herself as she attempted once more to open the door. Sweat began to break out on her skin between her breasts.

“Thomas! Open up in there! What are you hiding?” she said as she pounded the door demanding that he either answer or open the door. Still there was no sound. There was no flush from the toilet. The water wasn’t running. She began to panic.

She grabbed her cell phone from its holder and opened it frantically. Trying hard to dial 911 with tears streaming from her eyes. The numbers were blurry.

“911 Operator what’s the emergency?” the operator said.

“Oh my God! My husband has locked himself in our bathroom and he won’t respond. I can’t get in. He’s been in there for almost an hour now.” Cassandra told her hysterically. “I need help! I can’t get in!” She screamed into the phone as she was trying to budge the door open with all her body weight. “Thomas! Answer me!”

“Ma’am I need you to stay calm and tell me what your location is.” The operator said sternly.

“213 Fraternity Lane. Send someone quick.” Her voice quivered.

“Ma’am I need you to stay on the phone with me until help arrives.” The operator said.

“Oh my God….” Cassandra’s voice was weakened and her mind raced with thoughts.

What has he done? I know what he’s done! What have you done Thomas? She slid down the door once more and rested her head on her knees with the phone to her right ear. Her other hand held her hair back out of her face.

Suddenly knocking at the door. “Whitewater Fire Department. Someone call for help?” Voices echoed outside her apartment door.

She closed her cell phone and ran to the door to let them in. She pointed to the bathroom door as she explained what was going on, “My husband locked himself in there an hour ago. We were arguing and he went in and I can’t get in. He won’t answer” she was crying and shaking while she was telling the men the situation.

“Ma’am my name is Eddie let me take you down to the lobby while my two partners work to get your husband out of the bathroom.” The man took her gently by the arm. Eddie knew all to well what this call was going to end with. He knew it was best to get her to the lobby.

“I want to be here with my husband when they get in. I want to know what is going on.” She said defiantly to the gentleman.

“Ma’am we have communication open with our radios so you’ll know what is going on. It will be better for my partners if you are down in the lobby out of the way while they work.” He said still holding her arm.

She nodded and they went to the lobby. She pulled her cell phone out and called her mom. They had a very close relationship. Her mom was her best friend.

“Mom! I need you right now. Thomas locked himself in the bathroom and the firemen are here to get him out. I don’t know what he’s done mom. Please come…” she said in a low tone standing in the lobby looking at the floor.

To be continued…

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Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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  1. Many women clients have spoken to me about when they first knew their mates were cheating. One woman, married almost thirty years, no concerns–her husband called to tell her about the houses he was researching with a real estate agent for their upcoming move to a new city. She knew by the tone in his voice that he would end up having an affair with the agent.

    She was right.
    I’m as psychologist writing as

  2. Thank you Mysteryshrink for stopping by and reading the first part of the story/novel…not sure where this will end. I just write what I must write. I hope to see you stop by again soon.

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