Daily Archives: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

~Thank You My Love~

Trying hard to reach the point
Searching for words to flow
Wanting meaning to flow from my fingertips
Wanting words to express the importance of you
Trying hard to not allow any doubt in
Trying hard to not let the lurking memories to devour
Words come to me please
Let my fingers release
Flow from me like past times before
Allow me to unleash happiness I know
Allow me to deplete it from my heart
Let the poetry start…

You are my partner
My true best friend
You keep me standing
When my knees buckle and bend
You listen when I cry
You help me continue to try
You’ve become a solution I’ve required
You’ve fed my passions and what I’ve desired
Thank you my love…

It gets harder each day to hide the fact
I am distracted inside my head
Full of thoughts and memories
You seem to be the only one that gets me
Within the war inside my head
You are a soothing effect I see
Even in times I can’t confide to you
You understand, you truly do
Thank you, my love…

Until my very last breath
I will love you till death