The Premonition Dream- I should have been in tune!

I was just looking at my post history for this month and noticed something strange. I had put a post up on December 6th and that was the evening that Lucy was killed by the drunk driver. The post I put up that day was a dream that I wondered if it was some sort of premonition. As I read the posting over I wonder if that dream was really a warning that something bad was going to happen back home? One thing in the dream that sticks out as I read it over is the part about the phone message I had received.

Of those three missed calls one was a voice mail. I listened to the voice mail and it was an old family friend, Mary. She left this message, “Hi Rachel it is Mary I just wanted to talk…something is going on here.” There was a scary pause in her message.

Maybe I should have called back home that day to tell them I felt like something was going to happen somewhere. I felt like that the whole day. I didn’t get word about Lucy and the tragic accident until Sunday evening when my aunt called and of course I wrote about it on Monday.

That dream was a warning. I know without a doubt now. I knew that morning but didn’t act on it. I’ve had them before.

I had a dream once about a little boy getting hit by a car. That dream came true and I tried frantickly to try to figure out who the boy was in the dream. I even went through my cousins pictures thinking it might have been a kid of one of their friends. I never found a picture to match the boy in my dream but the news the next day reported that a boy was killed by a car not far from where I lived. The boy killed was the boy I dreamt about. I was only a teenager then.

I don’t have these “premonition” dreams often but I know them when I have them. The urgency I feel when I wake up is what tells me they are some sort of warning. I wish I would have been more in tune with this last one I had that Wednesday night. I am not sure what I could have done…maybe something.

About JustOrdinary

Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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  1. Hi Jo,

    This is the weirdest thing. I Googled “premonitions” and your page came up. I have been looking through your page and it feels almost like I am looking at a page about myself. I am also an Aquarius who has fibromyalgia and who sings (and regrets not chasing a music career, and DID try out for American Idol!), and who has been battling a pseudo-eating disorder for most of my life. I also have dreams that sometimes come true, which is why I was on Google looking around today. I had a dream last night that I am pretty sure is trying to tell me something but I haven’t figured out what yet. So far I have typed it all up and am just trying to make sense of it all. That is only the beginning of the similarities. I just wanted to share that. Seeing someone else on here that really does go through a lot of what I go through makes me feel like I’m not alone in the world, so thank you.


  2. Its scraey how true dreams can be

  3. i dont want to sound super spiritual but this sounds like a gift of prophecy (Biblical) because you have a good heart. pray for those who you see in your dreams. thanks. nick.

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