Daily Archives: Thursday, December 6, 2007

Premonition? Or just a high anxiety dream?

A strange dream woke me up this morning. I have come to realize that keeping a journal of the dreams might help me understand better as to why I am having them.

It started with me seeing my mom lying on her bed sleeping. It jumped to the next scene in the dream where I was looking at my cell phone. I had received three missed calls from a number I didn’t recognize. I can only recall the first few numbers being 0315. The rest is a blank. Of those three missed calls one was a voice mail. I listened to the voice mail and it was an old family friend, Mary. She left this message, “Hi Rachel it is Mary I just wanted to talk…something is going on here.” There was a scary pause in her message. Suddenly I am on the phone calling my moms house to get Mary’s number. Some kid answered and said everyone was at the O.R (Operating Room). O.R? I asked. He repeated O.R and said something to me about a surgery my mom was having, but I don’t recall what he said now. The dream then jumped to a new scene where I am standing in the kitchen of my mom’s house talking with my oldest brother and my husband is there with us. I asked my oldest brother, “R what is going on?” his reply to me was not to listen to that kid and that kid was disturbed. He told me not to worry about anything. We hugged and I started to cry a little as I told him I wasn’t ready to lose her yet. Then the dream flashed me back to the beginning of the dream, which I was standing over mom lying on her bed sleeping. I remember she was wearing bright colors.

Now I don’t know what the hell all that means…but I woke up feeling very anxious. When that happens I write the dreams down. I wonder if this is some sort of warning or premonition?

I’ll be back later to post something else here.