Daily Archives: Sunday, November 4, 2007

Noting a Strange Dream

It was a strange dream.

A bus pulled up and my brother didn’t get off. The driver started to shut the door again and I kept him from closing it and he said something to me but I can’t remember exactly what he said now. It was something like this, “I hope you don’t expect anyone else coming off this bus.” He said another kids name but I can’t recall what that was. I asked the driver where was he.

“Where is Chris?” I asked. “He just left.” The bus driver replied.

“What do you mean he just left? Just left what, where?”

Suddenly I was driving an old Grand Am and we were on these highways trying to get to the school my younger brother went to. My dad was with me. I felt motion sickness driving on these highways though strangely.

When we got closer to the school I didn’t recognize the area and wondered if it was even the right place. Dad told me to go in the back of the building that is where he would be. I felt like we were on a military mission. I felt like people were chasing us. Like I said a very strange dream.

When I got close to the school I could see it below the highway I was on and it was shaped like the pentagon, maybe a few differences. WTF!

Dad said you have to take the next exit and I told him I wasn’t sure we should go that way. I felt really scared at this point in the dream. I reach the exit off the highway and I was getting ready to take it. I looked over at dad looking over at me and I woke up.