This stone is where we gathered every year for our ceremony.

The porcelain angel held the candles that were lit. We were ready. Our hands were clasped together. The chanting began in a slow rhythm.

“Ara ah doly my show”
“Ara ah doly my show”

The breeze started to accelerate. Our chanting began to get louder and faster.

ARA ah DOLY my show”
“Ara AH doly my SHOW

The wind became fierce. Leaves were soaring through the air and a warm rain began to pour down upon us. The others were alarmed and broke hands. I stood hastily and reached my arms out in hopes I could appeal to them.

“Stop! We’re doing it this time! We can have her here in just a few more minutes. Imagine the books written about what we done if we finish…come on don’t go.”

They were fleeing out of fear from what was happening. I could hear in the crowd one saying in a frightened voice.

“I never thought that would really happen. Enough of this crazy shit.”

Soon I was left alone standing at the stone. Eyeliner running down my cheeks and my hair drenched from rain. I sat down at the side of the stone with my arms propped on my knees. The wet leaves at my feet were the scenery, as my head didn’t lift.

Only moments had passed and there he was. His sparkling blue eyes and crimson lips there to lecture me I thought. He had appeared out of nowhere. I looked up at him with sullen eyes. I was disappointed about not being able to finish the summoning of Vialla. I knew that is what he wanted me to do. He knew I was only one who had the power from the mortal side to do what he wanted done. His name was Armani.

He placed his hand on my head as I looked to my feet sitting there. Even though it was cold blood that traveled through his veins his touch sent warmth through me. He turned me on with a simple touch. I wanted him to ravish me that very moment even though I knew he was very disappointed in me.

I slowly lifted my head letting my eyes fall upon his feet. I followed his leg with my eyes and a hunger grew in me as I reached his penis area. I reached up and placed each of my hands on each of his butt cheeks and pulled him into me.

“I hunger for you Armani.”

I bury my face into his pants attempting to grab the zipper with my teeth. Something else was in control now. It was the lust in me I had for Armani. It took over my entire body. I was soaked with rain and I wanted to be naked with him in that moment. My heart was racing. I was panting out of excitement. I could only think thoughts of having him in that cemetery at that stone. There was something erotic about that. I no longer wanted him in dreams or in thoughts of fantasy. I needed him in the physical pleasure. I couldn’t wait any longer.

He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me away from his genital area. I am now on my knees with my back arched looking up at him. His voice is deep as he speaks.

“I need something more then this from you Cambiel. You willing to give me that? Something I wanted from the returning Vialla”

The veins in his neck now pulsing out as he held me back. My hands clenching his waist. He has my mouth watering.

“I will give you anything you desire Armani right here, right now.”

I see his fangs emerge and glisten in the moonlight. Forcefully he lifts me in one swift movement to my feet. With my back arched and my neck exposed he pulls me to his mouth. He slowly smells my neck and gives me soft kisses below my ear and I lean my neck into his mouth closer wanting him to take me.

I let out a passionate moan as I rip his shirt open. I feel his fangs sink into my jugular vein.


(part three coming soon….)

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Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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