Daily Archives: Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Demons Linger

A solemn emptiness fills this room
As I sit alone with this mug
The demons are close upon me
I feel them creeping around
My mind wants to wander to them

To embrace the pain they have to give
To live in those memories
That I was forced to live
I can hear your voice within them
My name rolling off your tongue

You are only one of the many
That lingers here in this room
The melancholy you all insist to bring
Where is this Holy Ghost I hear so much about?
Where is it when I need it most?

There is someone inside me
She says embrace the agony
Take what you ought to have
Don’t ignore them that lie in wait
Feel the misery inside that dissipates

The demons they linger
And they always persist
They’ll never leave
Even if I insist
What is left for me to do?
After prayer has left me alone…

Unsettled Mind

It lurks near
In a small corridor in my mind
It takes me far back
Far back in time
It is boding evil
One secret
A secret I hold
In the bottomless pit of my soul
The carnage of innocence
A land of the damned
It still lacks a headstone
No warmth for the cold
Many stories to be told…