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*Vacant Place*

Steps echoing throughout this home.
Where once your bare feet would roam.
You are gone now, though steps echo on.
This vacant place in my heart…I’m all alone.

I stare at walls that hold your face.
I ache so deep in that vacant space.
Wishing I could hold you just once more.
Wishing I could see you walk through that door.

I use to pretend you took a trip to the store.
The truth hurts so much, and everyday more.
This house it holds your presence strong.
To let me not be vacant would feel so wrong.

Steps echoing throughout this home.
Where once your bare feet would roam.
You are gone now, though steps echo on.
This vacant place in my heart…I’m all alone.

I keep the things your working hands once felt.
I think back to what in our lives we built.
I cry a thousand oceans, and more will pour.
When I realize you’ll not enter that door anymore.

This vacant place I rest my hand upon.
Beats only for our children, even though I’m alone.
One day these walls will only hold my face.
Then our children will have a larger vacant space.

I see reflection of who you were in our family.
Their walk, their talk, future destiny…
Knowledge they carry passed on by you.
Our children are so very few.

Steps echoing throughout this home.
Where once your bare feet would roam.
You are gone now, though steps echo on.
This vacant place in my heart…I’m all alone.

(I wrote this through what I thought would be my mothers eyes after she had to bury my dad…I dedicate this to her with all my was published in 1999 three years after my dad had passed on)

Whisper From The Other Side

It is just pouring out of me tonight…

It pains me to see you cry
As I linger here where you are
Clinging to a memory of me
Wish you could see…
Wish you knew I was near
Wish I could tell you I know
Wish I could assure you I hear
The heartache you feel
The loss of me being too real
I see your tears dance
I hear you weep at night
Trying to survive one day at a time
I am here my dear
I am near


I wish it had been easier
The life that I have lived
The loved ones I’ve let go
For death to claim
A God to blame
Year by year

A beautiful voice plays
As tears dance on the paper below
Loneliness covers me
My heart has grown weary
My vision now becoming blurry
Year after year

Whisper, “I miss you”
As my heart breaks slowly
So much you’ll never hear
Violin echoes a tune for my soul
I’m forced to let you go
Year by year

I wish I had stood
Where your casket laid
I never felt your touch
I never had the want to stay
Reliving that day is too much
Year after year

Whisper, “Goodbye”
As I attempt to drift off the sleep
To a place for my dreams to keep
The image of how I want to remember you
Laughing and living as I grew
Year by year
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Rules of engagement for the Word Press writers tag

Well, I will soon write up a short story of no more then two pages. When it is ready I will post it and tag another person in the comment field they have. They can add no more then two pages to the story. The chain will continue as long as people want to add to it! Hell, make it a word press novel (laughs) that doesn’t bother me. The additions will have to start with links so that people can read the previous portions. Now some will wonder why not just post the previous portion into the post with the addition. Well, I thought of that but if this gets as many people involved like I hope the space will be too much for some people that add to the story. Links will give readers a chance to read the earlier portions and save space on the person adding to the story.

Each tag will be in the comments so there will always be a chain to follow with the story being written. Also if people want to retag someone to help ensure that some friends are not left out of the chain that is great. I mean I have two people I would like to tag but I can’t tag them both at once. So, if someone wanted to retag me after they’ve added I could either add more to the story myself or pass the tag to another without me adding another section.

Hope I covered it all and hope it made sense.

So this week I will put up the start of a story and then tag someone and we’ll see how this can turn out!!!

I look forward to reading the additions…and I am looking forward to seeing how far across word press this can go!

Until next time…

A writers tag? I wonder….

I’m trying something different right now with the story I have been posting. The story titled Broken Promises. Usually when I write a story I do it in one sitting. (The only thing I work on in pieces would be my novel work.)

This story however has been written on different days and in pieces as you have read. I’m curious to find out after I finally have it finished, how it is put all together. As I have read over the three sections today I have noticed it took some turns that I did not expect when I first started out writing it. The mood you are in affects what you write as we all know. I wonder how it will read once it is finished. I have no idea when it will be finished or what else will happen in the story.

One thing I would love to do here at word press is to start a story with two pages and hand it over to someone else to add two more pages and create a chain of writers. I am curious to find out how that would turn out. All the different personalities that would contribute to the story started I would imagine add a great world of imagination. Perhaps I’ll start a tag here at word press in the next week and see how it turns out. I just hope people are willing to contribute and continue the chain. Maybe set a limit to the final length and number of people who participate? Or not have any limits at all to see how far it goes and how many around the Internet community it reaches. Tag of writers could be something interesting here at word press. What do you think about that idea? Would love to have some feedback. If you were a writer would you be willing to participate?

Ideas. Ideas. I am full of them! LOL