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Broken Promises- Part 2

I met him in Park View Hospital during a shift I was working. He stayed by her side weeks on end. He read to her while all she could do was just lie there. The pictures he’d show to her as he spoke about each memory. The devotion to her was remarkable. Over time it would be that devotion that would bring me to love the man. We became very close friends. We would have lunches together in the cafeteria. I would bring coffee to her room and we’d sit at the table drinking and just talk for hours. I learned who Martha was before the accident through Valan and his tales.

Over the years I had become the other woman in his life. I had never been the other woman before. Martha was only alive through the power of machines. Many times he shared with me how he just wanted to end it all. Remove her life, and then remove his own. I spent nights with him talking him out of those thoughts.

Eventually the nights he spent at her side grew less and less. Instead he spent more nights by my side. It bothered him every single night he spent with me. He attempted to hide the guilt he felt from me. I knew however that it was there. Deep down he always wanted to be with her instead of me. He was there with me in body but his thoughts were always with Martha.

He couldn’t control the tears that poured from his eyes while he told me about the accident that day in the hospital. The accident happened two years before we met one another. The season was fall. He talked about how Martha loved to just go for drives so that she could enjoy the colors on the leaves before they started falling.

He solemnly reminisced, “Laney, the weather that day was exceptionally warm and windy. I remember how the wind whipped her blonde hair about as she got into that damned old blue Chrysler. She wore a red top with a pair of black dress pants.”

You could tell he was back in that moment by the expression on his face as he spoke through the tears.

“I loved those pants on her. They complimented her figure well. She was such a knock out. I had told her that I wanted to lay her down in an empty field as she got into the car. She giggled in a childlike manner like she always did.”

He wiped his face with his palms as he continued.

“As I backed out of the driveway I teased Martha that I was going to go find that empty field to lay her down in. I told her I wanted to remove those clothes that covered her beauty.”

Pausing for a second, “She smiled with her eyes you know.”

He stood to his feet and moved to the windows. Looking out he reminisced more.

“I had decided to drive her to the state forest that day. I knew she loved the colorful trees and that place would be perfect for her. While we drove down county road 45 it began to drizzle rain.”

He put his head down and rested it in the palm of his hand as he stood there in front of the windows.

“In a quick moment the drizzle turned into a down pour. I could barely see even though the wipers were going full force. I was confident of my driving so I hardly slowed down in speed even though Martha begged and pleaded that I slow down.”

He placed his forehead into the palm of his hand now.

“Why didn’t I listen to her? Why was I so cocky? I thought I drove the road enough to know it. I never imagined that I would end up in the situation I am in now. Just a few moments pass and our lives would change forever.”

He covered his face with his palms as the tears became uncontrollable. I could see the tears seeping through his hands. They dripped onto the floor below him. His voice now held a quiver.

“The leaves that stuck to the window made visibility very limited.” He sighed.

Anger suddenly bellowed out of him, “He wasn’t supposed to be on that road! What was he thinking being out there on a bike with weather like that?”

He gasped for breath.

“You know he was only 13 years old Laney. With the speed I was going he never stood a chance. I swerved to avoid him. With the squeal of my tires he tried to avoid me. He ended up going the same way I turned the car. It threw him over 10 feet. He was killed on impact.”

Still gasping for breath he continues.

“After the car struck the boy it had rolled a few times into the ravine to the right. I remember for one brief moment I heard Martha yell my name. After that I could only hear the metal breaking off the car as we rolled. The seatbelt gave way and Martha was thrown out of the vehicle.”

He paused and wept for a brief moment before continuing.

“The car had crushed her on its last roll. I only got a few scratches out of the whole thing. I fretfully pried my way out of the car. I rushed to her side and she was barely breathing. Before she went into the coma she asked one thing.”

to be continued….