Lacerated Me

Shake me up and spit me out.
I’m trapped inside you, wondering about.

I live in your heart, but I eat at your soul.
I rip it apart and you never let go.

Struggle within you, within me.
I’ll stay if you keep me, you’ll never be free.

I am your hate, your rage, your internal fiend.
Let me take over, you can be redeemed.

Remembrance of him, of what he done.
Passing it through your viens, it is such fun.

Give me more, make another mistake.
I’ll clean my tools, and I’ll ready my stake.

I will freeze your heart, and burn your soul.
After I shatter its’ parts, I’ll wait for the next show.

Don’t run and hide within your friends!
You aren’t that weak, for you, they can’t defend.

Who are you?
To need an ear to listen.
Who are you?
To forget your own strength.
Who are you?
To have a life to live.
Everything inside you is all you have to give.

I am your hate, your rage, your internal fiend.
Let me take over, you’ll be redeemed.

Feel me inside where I stay?
Cover me up outside to play
Whisper lies, your crimson lips.
Sections of who you are I make you whole
You to lacerate is my goal.

I’ll stay as long as you keep me
I won’t let you free

You can confide in my isolations
and feel my destruction

While every mistake I won’t let be forgotten
The core in you, it is rotting

I’m the hate, and the rage you feel
the emotion I handle that you can’t control

Leave you lost and lacerated
that is my goal

I feel you there deep down inside
I know I can’t leave you
I have no where to hide
Ripping my heart and scorching my soul
I know this faithful pain
You won’t let me go

Lacerated me
I can’t get free

I hear you cry within this cage
Helping me hang onto all that rage

I live in your isolations
and I witness your destruction

Who am I to be heard?
Who am I without strength?
Who am I to live?
You inside me is all I have to give

You are my hate, my rage, my internal fiend…
Lacerated me

About JustOrdinary

Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

Posted on Monday, July 9, 2007, in Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Such deep, striking word placement allows the reader to see into the deeper meaning of the poem. Nothing is hidden or confusing.


  2. ty for your kind words- glad you enjoyed it

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