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Who pays the price??

A very good question!
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Forgive me; the wrong I’ve done


Save me; the temptation I own


Stop him; Satan is at my door


Seek shelter; the pain is evermore


My offering; isn’t much left at this stage


Keep your essentials hidden from my rage


Forgive me for I can’t forgive myself


Life polluted; our worldly wealth


I have decided to give Meebo a try. This will be a good way for some of my previous chat pals to reach me since I don’t visit the political debate room much anymore. Also it might turn out to be a good way to hold discussions on various topics I am interested in….

Worth a try at least. We’ll see how Meebo is for me.

Fibromyalgia is kicking my ass!

This fibromyalgia is kicking my ass. The pain is now all over my body. I have a burning now in my shoulder that is about to drive me crazy! The worst of it all is the sleep! I am getting none! My husband probably thinks I am getting sleep but I think he doesn’t get the whole FMS situation. Even though I sleep lets say two hours before the baby gets up to eat I am not actually getting sleep to help my body.

I am getting to the point I am about to just breakdown all together. Not only am I getting interruptions due to the baby needing to eat every 3 hours but also I am getting interruptions in sleep due to brain activity caused by this damn fibromyalgia.

I have medicine that would knock me out for 8 hours easy but I don’t take it for fear I wouldn’t hear the baby. I have to wait until she sleeps through the night to go on those medicines again.

It isn’t only the sleep that is breaking me down…the pain is getting ridiculous also. With less sleep the FMS pain is more severe and that is on top of having this damn tumor in my back causing me separate pain. I feel as if I will go crazy very soon simply due to having FMS, the tumor and a 5-week-old baby. I just don’t know what I can do to alleviate my situation here!

I haven’t even mentioned my terrible headaches that have returned with a vengeance!

I hope that I don’t end up sick due to these problems. Just let me make it through until my new arrival sleeps through the night!!!

Some background on FMS and what I am dealing with personally due to FMS so you have more of an understanding.

Most people with fibromyalgia also have an associated sleep disorder known as alpha- EEG anomaly. In this disorder, the individual’s deep sleep periods are interrupted by bouts of waking-type brain activity, resulting in poor sleep.

Current research indicates that stage IV sleep (deepest or most restful stage of sleep) is also important in repairing tissue damage and feeling psychologically rested after sleep. (Sleep laboratory studies of people with fibromyalgia often show a sleep disorder in which the stage IV sleep is disturbed or interrupted. Doctors refer to this disturbance as alpha intrusion of stage IV sleep.)

The information above can be found here.