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George W. Bush puts party ahead of Nation

Keith Olberman- Special Comment


I knew George W. Bush was going to commute/pardon Libby. George W. Bush is a crook himself so of course he would reach to save his fellow crooks. I hate that son of a bitch- George W. Bush…and I feel the same for Dick Cheney! IMPEACH EM!

I will not go on with politics right now…it really upsets me very badly.

~More of the Same~

You take for granted the space I fill
For me you have no time to kill
I’m alone even when you are around
My tears, seepage from my eyes
You never take time to observe
I long to be held by your arms
The least I deserve
To be told how much I matter to you
All these years I thought we grew
Not much has changed in years passed
Except maybe I feel like a bigger ass
Returning to these keys
For some sort of release
In fear that sharing with you
Will bring it all down to its knees
I’ve always aimed to please
The loneliness expands more every day
I’m beginning to wonder what is left to say
I guess it is just more of the same…