Am I being unreasonable? Stopping labor when they should not have!


So I went into labor yesterday evening. Unfortunately my doctor was not on call. I was left with a doctor I do not like! I dislike him more now then before. He decided to stop labor. Yeah I was pissed, and I still am! My doctor said if I made it 36 weeks she would not take any steps to stop labor. She knows the tough time I am having carrying the baby with the tumor in my back and that is why I believe she assured me she would not stop labor if I made it 36 weeks. The baby is in the safe zone now.

I am pissed that the doctor that was on call last night stopped it and I’ll be 37 weeks in four days now! 37 weeks is considered full term. So I went in and sat for our five hours AGAIN and sent home. I hate hospitals and I told them if this isn’t it, if the baby doesn’t come tonight could you send me home to wait it out. The nurse said most likely but the damn doctor on call kept me waiting. First it was one more hour, then he asked for me to stay one more hour…still contracting during those hours…then he orders the shot to stop the contractions!!! I am so upset at that asshole! If he knew he wasn’t going to let me go he should have ordered the shot MUCH earlier and sent me home MUCH earlier! Fuck I am mad! (I am 75% effaced and dilated close to 3 they say now.)

My poor husband had to work this morning and we were kept at the hospital until after 3 this morning!

So today I woke up and the day started with contractions again. This baby wants to come and I wish they had let her come last night. The pain is getting unbearable for me now….

Pretty bad when you dream about taking your meds again! Am I being unreasonable here?

This is the plan though. I have two thoughts of action thought out regarding this.

I see my doctor tomorrow if I make it through the day without going into the major stage of labor. I’ll be sure to mark my chart that if I go to NOT stop the labor so if another doctor is on call during the weekend and I go into labor again they won’t stop it this time around.

I am having contractions today, right now actually. They are not a minute long yet and I can tolerate them (although my tolerance of pain is pretty high due to living with this tumor in my back) but I plan to wait until I can’t walk with the contractions to go in this time around. I feel major pressure because they said the baby’s head is VERY low. She’s been this low for over two weeks now. (They don’t seem to understand that the baby wants to come out damn it!) Waiting until the contractions are so bad I can hardly walk through them gives me a better chance of them not pulling what they did on my last night by stopping the process when they really should not have. I figure I am only five minutes from the hospital so there should be no problem there.

Well if things change on a large scale during the day I’ll be sure to note it here. Wish me luck!

Until next time…

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Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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  1. Good luck! Your little angel will be worth all the trouble you went through. Just a little more… My prayers are with you.

  2. This has happened to me twice in the passed 3 days. I went in the first night and again two nights later. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this is just ridicules. They keep telling me that they will let me deliver the next time I come in. I don’t think I will let them give me the shot again.

  3. I am 37 wks. same thing happened to me. the nurse told me that if you are in true labor and if the baby is really coming the hot wil not stop it. it is ust to ease the irritating braxton hicks contractions. mine were strong and 3 min apart. but when yo ont dialate they send you home .

  4. Shiiiiiiiit….I was looking on line about “Stopping Labor” and this came up I read it…Im only 17 but I dont know, my daughter is going to be extreamly small (5 lbs at most) and the doctors are saying she is due a whole month later than the first due date they give you before thr ultra sound due date….The first due date they gave me was June 23 and the one the ultra sound gave them is July 27…A whole freaking month…I was asking my da “If I went into labor on the 23 of june and they said they wanted to ‘stop the labor’ don’t I have to sign a release saying ‘yes I consent to havening the shot’? he said yes that I would have to”Is that true or no….cause if it is then why did you sign it if you feel that your baby is ready to come and he/she is due then why not have her why wait till you can’t walk, you know your body better than any doctor ever will.

  5. I was in the hospital friday night in labor for 61/2 hours before they decided to give me the damn shot. I had contractions four minutes apart for the whole damn time. I was checked over and over again but they kept saying my cervix was soft around the outside but still soft in the middle and i was not dialating so they did not want to do a c-section. I have to have a c-section because baby is breech and I am high risk because baby has a single umbilical artery. Honestly I feel like I worked for all those hours without getting paid lol. They gave me the shot twice because they said they did not want me to have the baby until I am at least 37 weeks which is 4 days from now! I am still in pain two days later, contractions are all over the place now! im glad to know that I am not the only one who has gone through this before, I was starting to worry that now I will not have the baby on time but later because of these shots. Anyone know how long they last for?

  6. ok so I’m 4 and a half center meters and I’m 36 wks I’m so mad i let them give me the shot. it made my chess hurt and na they sendING me home I’m so mad cuz i was contracting 2min apart na I’m at hm n pain all over again and could have been threw with this already. wtf…

  7. I am 36 weeks pregnant and went into labor at work yesterday at 6:00am. I went home and called my dr. and made it into the hospital around 11:00am. My contractions were STRONG and only 2 minutes apart. When they checked my I was fully effaced and my cervix was opening but not a full centimeter yet so they gave me the shot. It made me feel like I was dying!! My contractions didn’t stop they just moved to 6 min apart and weren’t as strong. So they checked me again and my cervix opened up more so they asked if they could give me another shot….I said no because I did not like how it made me feel. I was in the hospital for 6 hours and they sent me home….still having contractions but my cervix wasn’t opening anymore. They told me to come back if the contractions became unbearable or if my water broke…. I also want to know how long this shot lasts because I’m ready to have this baby!!!

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