Monthly Archives: April 2007

I should not have bragged about making it 29 weeks…

Well the last time I posted here I bragged about making it 29 weeks. Little did I know pre-term labor was coming VERY soon! Yes I went into labor and thank goodness they were able to stop it eventually at the hospital. I dilated 1 & ½ but when I left the hospital it was only 1 centimeter. They gave me steroids for the baby’s lungs so if they couldn’t have stopped labor she would be born with stronger lungs due to the steroid they gave me.

Been on restrictions and that is why I have not posted here. I haven’t been working on Live Video, or even joining political chat. I am now 33 weeks and I feel that nesting urge very strongly so I hope I can make it one more week at least. I can feel labor right around the corner. I know my body. Please pray for me that I make it at least one more week. Thank you!

I finally got an answer to my hair loss! Yes, it took a dermatologist to figure it out which frustrates me! She done some blood work and checked my ferritin (Hope I spelled that right?) level. (That is the iron storage in your body) My level was a 2 and she said it should be over 40! WOAH! She said I was extremely anemic and to start an iron tablet right away. That is what I did. Hair still coming out but she said it might take a long time to get my level back up since I am so low. No wonder I felt like shit all this time! I have had no iron stored in my body! I keep wondering why my other doctors never thought to check that.

Anyways, I just wanted to post to let people know who might have been wondering about me that I am on a long extended leave from my journal. I will return when I have this baby and lets hope everything goes well for her and me!

Until next time….