Daily Archives: Thursday, March 15, 2007

I like my GP more and more- Costochendritis

So I went to see my GP, Dr, T. I like her more and more. I asked her about those other tests they can do to check for Lupus and she explained to me that she would rather wait to do them after I give birth because she said the tests are going to come back strangely because of the pregnancy itself. She did say she wanted to check my SED rate again to see if it has gone higher. She ordered a complete blood count too to see if my red blood cells have gone lower. I have a feeling they have. I believe the rings around my eyes are from anemia, not lack of sleep.

Oh yeah sleep…my new mattress is GREAT! I’m able to lie there and sleep the whole night now! It has helped some with energy.

Anyways, back to the doctor stuff. I asked about the rings around my eyes too she said it very well could be the anemia as well.

I mentioned to her the chest pain I get at times when I breathe. I told her that I think something else is going on besides the FMS and I can’t believe this, but she AGREED!! She is concerned for the hair thinning, the chest pain and when I went in I had another sore in my mouth- she got to look at this time and she was concerned about that too.

She said for the chest pain I have something called costochendritis, which might be spelled wrong. The medicine they give for those types of things I can’t have…I’ll just have to make due the best I can.

She said she couldn’t give me any medicines for these problems because of being pregnant. She said we wanted to be extra conservative and I agreed. WE, meaning the GP and I, can you believe it, working together to figure out what is going on…anyway, we decided that I would just have to suffer for the next two and a half months and start doing tests right away after I have the baby.

I told my husband that she (the baby) would be well worth all this when she gets here. I am very excited to be having her!! I am trying to stay in the positive mode here. You know celebrate more of what I have and less of the mourning over the negative. I am doing better although that one-day I was so fuming mad was a tough one! LOL

Well have a good one…until next time…