Daily Archives: Monday, March 12, 2007

Fibromyalgia Awareness Video finally up and running!

I finally finished the Fibromyalgia Awareness video and have it put up now. Please share this with your family and friends.

The FMS Awareness Video I Made
[livevideo id=00E32AFEA1794853BD97E846E4F884C7]

I am pissed so I warn you- strong language ahead!

So I have been spending some time over at Live Journal- the Lupus community and have received some great advice and hearing their stories there makes me believe that I do in fact have Lupus. It is frightening that so many have said it has taken them 5, 7, 9 years to finally get the positive blood work that proved Lupus. Many said that the ANA test they took was negative for a long time.

A few of them told me that the doctors should be testing me for anti-RO, anti-SA, anti cardiolipin, c-reactive protein, anti-sm and anti-dsdna. None of these have been checked with me and I am wondering why! I am pregnant so there is a risk if I have Lupus being pregnant and the ANA is not the only thing they can check me for to be sure they can rule out Lupus.

I called the Mayo Clinic but they returned my call to say the appointment was not available at this time. Just fucking great!

My ANA is negative but the doctors here have not done those other tests. I’m pregnant and now I wonder if this will hurt my baby! If I have Lupus being pregnant what will it do to the child? I have to look into that- but I’m pissed the doctors are not taking the steps to do the other tests so they can rule it out completely!

I am dealing with local doctors who don’t seem to give a damn and I’m seven months pregnant. I am fucking pissed!! Wow I haven’t been this pissed since the first visit with that jackass rheumatologist.

Well so much for the happy mood I started with today!