Eliminating the melancholy stuff is tougher than I thought…

It is hard for me to keep in mind the good things I have when I am constantly reminded of the bad things that have happened to me throughout my life. I thought this would be easier…I thought it would be easier to just be happy…I was wrong.

It isn’t something I can’t do. No, it isn’t that at all. It is just something that is going to take more work then I imagined I’d have to put into it. I can do this though!

I didn’t sleep worth a damn again BUT my mattress comes today so tonight I might get some REAL sleep! So when I woke up so tired I forced myself to climb the stairs and put my ass in the shower. It helped with the aches, and it helped wake me up. I then made myself a nice pot of vanilla coffee!

I am a little concerned about the black rings around my eyes! I look like death almost…very freaky looking. I wonder if it is from no sleep- or if it could be the anemia? I will be talking to the OB about this when I go next week.

I fixed myself up today so I was able to cover up most of the dark around my eyes.

That is something I have to start forcing myself to do again. Fix myself up even if I just stay home. That includes doing my hair up, and putting on makeup! Not just taking a shower and lounging around the house sulking!

I believe I also will go out Tuesday and buy me a nice walking stick. Get something with style. That might help out some too. Maybe I won’t feel so crippled with a stylish walking stick.

Yes, I can do this people! I can be happy more…I know it! 🙂

Now I’m going to put on some Madonna dance music and do some crafts! Go out and have yourself a great day too!

Until next time…


About JustOrdinary

Hello my name is Rachel…around here I’m best known as Just Ordinary. I created this blog page to share pieces of my life with you, the reader, also to share my projects, and writings. This blog page I have created is a collection of realty and fiction. Not everything I write pertains to me or my life.

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  1. Different people have different style of making themselves happy….if fixing yourself up is one of them, then do it. It’s important to feel good early in the morning. 🙂

  2. I applaud your thinking! Remember your Ford, Henry that is… if you think you can, you’re right… if you think you can’t you’re right.

    Plus the habit of ‘fixing yourself up’ is a good idea I think. I can remember ‘down times’ previously in life where getting cleaned up seemed like a struggle.

    Hang in there and continue to cause the only constant in life I’m aware of…. CHANGE!!!!

    be well,

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