Daily Archives: Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eliminating the melancholy stuff is tougher than I thought…

It is hard for me to keep in mind the good things I have when I am constantly reminded of the bad things that have happened to me throughout my life. I thought this would be easier…I thought it would be easier to just be happy…I was wrong.

It isn’t something I can’t do. No, it isn’t that at all. It is just something that is going to take more work then I imagined I’d have to put into it. I can do this though!

I didn’t sleep worth a damn again BUT my mattress comes today so tonight I might get some REAL sleep! So when I woke up so tired I forced myself to climb the stairs and put my ass in the shower. It helped with the aches, and it helped wake me up. I then made myself a nice pot of vanilla coffee!

I am a little concerned about the black rings around my eyes! I look like death almost…very freaky looking. I wonder if it is from no sleep- or if it could be the anemia? I will be talking to the OB about this when I go next week.

I fixed myself up today so I was able to cover up most of the dark around my eyes.

That is something I have to start forcing myself to do again. Fix myself up even if I just stay home. That includes doing my hair up, and putting on makeup! Not just taking a shower and lounging around the house sulking!

I believe I also will go out Tuesday and buy me a nice walking stick. Get something with style. That might help out some too. Maybe I won’t feel so crippled with a stylish walking stick.

Yes, I can do this people! I can be happy more…I know it! 🙂

Now I’m going to put on some Madonna dance music and do some crafts! Go out and have yourself a great day too!

Until next time…