Daily Archives: Monday, February 26, 2007

The blizzard weather is not good for my achy body!

Yesterday I just didn’t feel like posting a journal entry. I was very achy all over.

We were hit with blizzard weather here and my husband got our car stuck Saturday night. When he finally came home he had to dig his way in through the hill of snow out in front on our door. He informed me the car was stuck in the road just a short way from our house and he needed me to drive while he pushed. I said no way at first. I had been hurting all day and I worried about being pregnant going out in that weather.

I waited around for about 30 minutes, and he still hadn’t returned home. I decided to go help. Walking down there in the knee-high snow was no joke! He was right though he was not far from our house. It took us an hour to get the car moved about 5-7 feet. We parked it and walked the rest home.

So naturally I knew the next morning was going to be hell for me.

The sore in my nose doesn’t seem to want to heal! It is smaller though then what it was.

Today I am tired. (When am I not tired huh?) I didn’t sleep well last night. I tossed and turned all damn night. My hips hurt so bad I got out of bed to take a shower at 3:30 am. That helped for a little while. The rest of the morning I was on the couch. I got another two hours sleep while there.

I am working on an entry concerning FMS that will be posted this evening (If I feel up to being at the computer that is.)

Until next time…