Daily Archives: Friday, February 23, 2007

I am not sure I buy the Fibromyalgia diagnosis…

Symptoms I have that match Fibromyalgia from Mayo Clinic page

· Fatigue
· Irritable bowel syndrome
· Headaches
· Depression
· Anxiety
· Difficulty concentrating
· Dry skin
· Painful menstrual periods (Doesn’t every woman? LOL)

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia that I don’t have listed at the Mayo Clinic page

· Numbness or tingling in hands and feet
· Chest pain
· Dry mouth
· Dizziness
· Heightened sensitivity- being sensitive to odors, noises, bright lights and touch
· Facial pain
· Widespread pain (I don’t match most of the pressure points)

Symptoms I have that match SLE (Lupus) listed at the Mayo Clinic page

· Arthritis- Joint pain
· Arthritis- Joint stiffness
· Facial rash (Waiting for dermatology to give a definite answer for my rash)
· Headaches
· Shortness of breath
· Heart palpitations
· Mucosal ulcers- Mouth and nose sores (More nose sores then mouth for me)
· Fatigue
· Vision problems (I have a hole in my retina)
· Digestive problems- abdominal pain, weight loss
· Hair loss
· Depression

Symptoms that match SLE (Lupus) that I don’t have or haven’t been checked for
(Some of these are questionable because I may have them but not match them exactly)

· Raynaud’s phenomenon- fingers, toes, nose and ears turn pale and numb in cold temperature (My fingertips turn red, almost purple in cold exposure and tingle)
· Swelling- swollen glands, swelling in legs, around the ears and eyes
· Fever- higher than 100 F (I have run low grade fevers from time to time, usually no higher that 99 F)
· Blood vessel disorders- inflamed blood vessels (Never been checked for that)
· Lung problems- inflammation of the chest cavity lining (Never had my lungs checked)
· Heart problems- Pericarditis, which occurs when the pericardium becomes inflamed (Never have had my heart checked either)
· Kidney problems- lupus can cause numerous types of glomerulonephritis, a condition that affects the kidneys’ ability to filter toxins, leading to kidney failure. (Have had kidney infections but never been checked for glomerulonephritis)
· Seizures, or stroke

Symptoms I have not listed with the Mayo Clinic page regarding SLE (Lupus)

· Anemia- low red blood cells
· Loss of appetite (Usually have to force myself to eat)
· Aching feet at the joints and ankle
· Hives from time to time
· Nausea from time to time

I am not certain I buy the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Now the problem is I have had the rheumatologist tell me that most likely I do not have SLE (Lupus) but he would not rule it out completely because newer symptoms could show up to prove that my problem is SLE (Lupus).

I am wondering how can he say I have fibromyalgia with such a small amount of symptoms matching that disease?