Daily Archives: Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A replacement for Dr. Jackass in rheumatology!

I received a phone call from Dr. T this morning. I was pleased that she called me herself! That is a sign of a decent doctor! She said she was sorry for the treatment I had received from Dr. Kee (Dr. Jackass) and that she had a few others to recommend to me.

Anyway, she called to talk with me about the referral I needed to see a doctor that would replace Dr. Jackass (I will refer to him as that here on out). She suggested two new doctors and said that the patient feedback on them was very positive. I was glad to hear that. She informed me that Dr. Jackass was a new doctor over at rheumatology and that did not surprise me. So she sets up the referral and tells me to go ahead and call for a new appointment. I did just that. My appointment is tomorrow at 11 am with Dr. G. That is the one I chose to see.

After I made the appointment I took some time to make up an important list. The important list includes childhood problems I’ve had, current ongoing symptoms, family history, and I included things that have been ruled out for certain symptoms in the past. I was sure to add the list of medicines I’m taking currently as well.

I was sure to put with the symptoms if they were newer and how long they’ve lasted. Also I wrote down questions that I have, and I also put down some comments I want to say to the doctor.

Comment Example: I want you to work with me to find a proper diagnosis and I don’t want you to dismiss my symptoms and concerns.

I typed it all up nicely and plan to give him a copy of that for my file. I will keep a copy for myself too. I have a different outlook about my healthcare now and I plan to be very pro-active in finding out what is really wrong. I will stay involved in researching the suggestions they give and I will not hesitate to tell them if they are not being professional or compassionate. I have a positive feeling about Dr. G. We’ll see if he lets me down tomorrow when I go for the consultation visit.

As for my health and me today, I am very tired. My hands ache pretty badly and when I took my shower today the hair loss was extremely bad! I had to clean out the tub when I finished! When I combed my hair it shocked me the amount that had come out. Of course afterwards I was picking lose strands off my top too. Hair was all over the sink and counter top…it was quite disturbing to say the least. My scalp is still tender in a few spots when I move strands of my hair. I definitely need to figure out what that is all about!

The weather today is great here compared to the negative 30 degrees weather we were having. It is around 40 degrees today, and I hope that we get to go out somewhere so that we can enjoy it a little. Maybe after I have nap.

Well, thanks for stopping by again to read.

Until next time…b0641_125.gif