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My complaint letter to the rheumatologist that dismissed my concerns!

Dear Dr. Kee,

I am writing to inform you that I was very unsatisfied with my consultation visit with you on January 22, 2007.

I was referred over to you by Dr. T so that you could work with me to investigate what could be causing all of the health problems I have been having.

Dr. T suggested that you, being a specialist in rheumatology, would be best suited in figuring out what is going on with my health. She figured this due to the list of symptoms I have had in previous years and the symptoms I had in the month January. By the way, I continue to have those same symptoms today.

I felt very discouraged in your expertise because you lacked the ability to even listen to my concerns and all of my symptoms. You gave me advice that was completely wrong on many symptoms that I am having.

First, you said my hair loss was probably from dandruff or psoriasis. Hair loss does not happen due to dandruff! As I stated in your office that day I’ve been looked over for psoriasis and that had been ruled out. I made an appointment with a dermatologist to have a current diagnosis so that you will eat your words for dismissing me the way you did on that ONE symptom.

I have also done my own research into what causes hair loss. I am quite disturbed that I have had to do the research myself. I came to you for an expert opinion and in hopes you would work with me to find the culprit for my long time hair loss. After doing many weeks of research, I feel confident that your professional opinion doesn’t amount to much at all.

You never suggested alopecia areata for my hair loss. You also never seemed too compassionate in helping me find the actual cause of this symptom. You attempted to put the hair loss off as a normal thing during pregnancy. Again you were wrong. My OB doctor informed me that hair loss occurs after the mother has given birth and it is very uncommon to happen during the pregnancy itself. She also stated that especially since I have established constant hair loss prior to this pregnancy that this pregnancy can be ruled out as the cause.

The weeks of research I’ve done on hair loss lead to a list of some major illnesses and deficiency possibilities. Again you never mentioned any of these things being the possible cause for my hair loss. You simply dismissed the symptom as a dandruff problem.

During the visit you had repeated five times, “You do not have rheumatoid arthritis, period.” I want to let you know also that I knew my RA factor was negative before my consultation visit with you, and the purpose of the visit with you was to investigate other possibilities to my list of symptoms. You disparaged me by repeating that I did not have RA period five times during that visit.

When I brought up my concern about SLE you quickly dismissed me again. You didn’t listen attentively to my concerns, family history, or my list of symptoms. You said that I did not have SLE (Lupus) because my ANA blood work came back negative. Again, I have done weeks of research on this as well and have found out that you were wrong yet again! Although 90% of patients will have a positive result with the ANA a person can have a negative ANA result and still have the disease. I found that if the person has four of the eleven symptoms, SLE (Lupus) should not be ruled out. There are other blood tests you could have ordered. I also told you that my aunt tested negative for her ANA and it took years to figure out that it was, in fact SLE (Lupus) that she had. Still, you dismissed my concerns and me.

Second, you stated that the anemia I have is from my pregnancy. Interestingly my OB doctor, Dr. N, says otherwise. She said the low red blood cells have nothing to do with my pregnancy and that the level of hemoglobin I have is normal for pregnancy. Again, you dismissed me and I take great offense to that.

Third, you said the rash on my face is rosecea. Interestingly I’ve done some research about that skin condition as well. The rosecea rash is nothing like the rash I have across my upper cheekbones and nose. I don’t have a rash that appears to be acne! I don’t have a rash on the forehead, and my rash certainly does not appear to be containing any type of puss. Your professional opinion again was completely wrong. You dismissed this symptom of mine as well, and again I am greatly offended at your lack of professionalism and compassion.

When I mentioned the sores in my nose you dismissed that as an allergy problem. When I mentioned my hands, feet and knees aching you dismissed that as a minor case of arthritis. When I mentioned the fact I’ve battled anemia throughout my life you did not even show interest in my concern. When I mentioned my family history of autoimmune diseases you dismissed my concerns once again. I had mentioned that I have an aunt who was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) and you treated me as if I had no right to be concerned about my own symptoms that are closely linked to that particular disease. Needless to say sir, I will not be recommending you to anyone I know.

I have decided to cancel the next consultation with you that is scheduled for July 5, 2007. I will be requesting a new referral from Dr. T to see another rheumatologist. I lack confidence in your expertise and I am very offended by your lack of compassion and concern for my symptoms and health concerns. I hope that in the future you deal with your patients with more professionalism and that you remember that they are coming to you for that professional opinion and some compassion for their concerns about their health. Hopefully you will treat them with more consideration then you did me.